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[00:00:00] Kathi Burns:
Hi there. I'm board certified professional organizer Kathi Burns. I'm really glad you're here. This podcast is designed for busy entrepreneurs just like you, who wanna take better control of your business and move forward with less stress and more success. If this is your first time listening, then thanks for coming.

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Now, let's get into the show.

Hi everyone, this is Kathi and I'm back. And today we're gonna talk about how to grow your email list, and I'm talking with Kristen Robinson. She's known as the lead generation specialist who explode your audience. Kristen's helps online entrepreneurs generate more leads for offerings, so it's easier to sell them later.

Kristen's also a military spouse and her husband, Lamont serves the United States in the Marine Corps. Thanks to the flexibility of being an online entrepreneur when she's not working or attending a Family Day for her husband's unit. Kristen's playing with her Black Lab/hound mix puppy, Taichou. Woohoo.

So let's talk to Kristen and let's learn these five simple strategies to grow our email list and let's get going. Hi everyone, this is Kathi and I am with the email growing list Queen Kristen Robinson. Thanks for joining me, Kristen.

[00:01:37] Kristen Robinson:
Thank you for having me.

[00:01:39] Kathi Burns:
Absolutely. I know you're work at home person and you've created amazing lifestyle by doing what you do, and you're really well known in your field for growing your list. Talk to me a little bit about how you got started. What's your backstory?

[00:01:52] Kristen Robinson:
First of all, I am a military spouse. My husband is in the Marine Corps, and we move every three years. So being online is very essential to my lifestyle, right? Cuz we move every three to three and a half years. And basically I decided to get online when I started my business. It was, believe it or not, offline business not realizing that hey, I move every three to three and a half years. And when my husband got his first set of orders to Hawaii, right? Yay, Hawaii. I was moving literally on the other side of the country cuz we were North Carolina. So we're going all the way Hawaii, the literally other side of the country.

And no offense, technology was not what it was at that time. We didn't have Zoom and all that great stuff. And so my clients were like, yeah, I'm sorry. This is great, but I'm used to seeing you every day and I will be no longer doing business with you. So I lost 90% of my clients because I moved across the country and I'm like, yeah, we can't be doing that.

[00:02:44] Kathi Burns:
So what were you doing with your clients at that point in person?

[00:02:48] Kristen Robinson:
I was branding, so I was we were a marketing agency. I had a website designer and a graphic designer on staff and we were doing websites, promotional products, social media marketing print marketing as well. So if you signed with us, it was a whole year commitment and we usually signed anywhere between 12 to 20 clients for the year. So really busy boutique marketing agency. And when we got to Hawaii, I was like, you know what? Let's try this online thing. Let's do it. And I got online and I was like, okay, I got a webinar.

Okay. Cuz that's what I, you right. Do a webinar. That's what they, that's what they say. Whoever they are, they tell you do a webinar. So I did a webinar and nobody came because I didn't have a list. Right again, right people you don't have, right. So I went to my business bestie, who was already online and was like, can you promote my webinar?

And she's sure. So she promoted my webinar, she has a 20,000 person list, and I got my first 200 people. Yeah, I got a list, but nobody bought. So I'm like, okay, it's gotta be the offer. It's gotta be the offer. She invited me to her event in Atlanta. Same offer, same price same everything.

And in person, I sold out, I enrolled 10 people into that course, sold out all the spots, and I'm like, okay, it's not the offer. So I went back to the webinar, those same 200 people and redid did the same again, same webinar, same op. You see the where I'm going with this. Two people this time, and I need a list. I was like, okay, I don't have a bad offer. I need a list. And that was when I was like, okay, I am going to grab my list. And I, and for a lot of my clients, I know the pain all too well. I'm like, oh, I remember. It's not like it was recently, it was a while ago, but I still remember the fresh pain of oh, no one's buying. I need a list. So yeah I've been there. I'm so passionate about what I do because it's hard to sell your stuff when you don't have anybody to talk to.

[00:04:39] Kathi Burns:
It's so funny that now if you would've moved from North Carolina to Hawaii, you're marketing people probably would've went with you because now I don't have to see you in person. It's not like that anymore. We're also accustomed to the virtual thing especially with the work you were doing could easily have been done virtual, but that's what happens with technology.

[00:04:59] Kristen Robinson:
It evolves. Exactly. It evolves. And it's funny because even in Hawaii, I was still half and half, I still still had the agency open because I was transitioning into online. So by the time we left Hawaii I was full-time online by the time we left. So that was a three year transition of trying to really, get that going as technology evolved. But I also realized that it's hard to. You know what I mean? Have that footprint and do that. And lots of people locally like to see me and it was just really hard.

[00:05:28] Kathi Burns:
They get spoiled. They like seeing us and that's okay. That's okay. You've done a lot with your email list building business. What do you consider your most unique gift? What's your asset that you draw on to make you succeed and perhaps others that you help.

[00:05:43] Kristen Robinson:
Oh, like strategy wise or just how I help my clients?

[00:05:46] Kathi Burns:
Yeah. Your inner gift what do you have that, that you bring forth?

[00:05:51] Kristen Robinson:
I would say, my clients always tell me this, and it's one of those things, I didn't believe it at first until I got somebody outside the online world and I'm like, oh, my clients always tell me I have a great. I have a great way of breaking down things into simple tasks that you can do. So like I'm a good person where I can break things down step by step where it's manageable to do. And again, I never believe that until, cuz it's one thing to be an expert in what you do in everything.

But side note, I love to garden. That's like my hobby. I love to garden. And so I was talking to my father-in-law and he's I want a garden too. And I was telling him like how to get started. He. Oh my gosh. She made it so doable. I was like so scared and that was like all this stuff and wow, it's so simple. And I'm like, yeah, my clients are right. Like I know how to break this up down really loud. Okay, but that is my gift is I can take things and literally break them down in a bite size pieces where it's doable and cut out the fluff so that you feel like it's a manageable.

[00:06:46] Kathi Burns:
Yeah, I really love that. And that's something that's very important for any type of coach or any type of person that's teaching anything. Good job on that. Absolutely. So talk to me about what do you feel is the best strategy for growing your list? Is all the women entrepreneurs out here are, everybody's in the same boat. We need more people on our list. What's your favorite strategy? I know you have several up your sleeve.

[00:07:09] Kristen Robinson:
My favorite strategy. Is online giveaways? Definitely by far my favorite. And either hosting or participating either one. But for various reasons. So I like online giveaways because it's fast. I'm a very impatient person. I wanna build my email list like yesterday, right? Like yesterday. Impossible. So online giveaways allows you to grow your email list by the hundreds in a shorten amount of time. So like I have added. I think my record is, I've added 800 people to my email list in three weeks in an online giveaway, so it happens really fast.

What I also love about online giveaways is there's this collaboration piece. You're not alone, right? Like you're in this community of other people all promoting and it's just like this fun group thing that we're all doing together to help each other. So there's this like collaboration spirit that I love and then also take going with that collaboration spirit.

I always meet new people. I think that's the coolest part. You meet new people and every giveaway is always a different circle of people. So I feel like I'm like in these different circles all over where I get to meet new people. And those new people can be your collaboration partners, like creating new things or doing things together.

There's some people, right now we're in the last one I hosted that I'm promoting to my list next year. We're doing like some joint venture things together. And that's so super cool. It's yay, we're gonna, we're gonna exchange different things. Or people who have been in my giveaways I promoted them to my list, like people who are really good and it's oh, I love your free gift.

Can I promote you to my list? Really? And I'm like, yes, this is awesome. So I just love hosting or participating. I love meeting new people and like I said, just the partnership, that spirit of partnership where y'all doing it together. And then, like I said, you're meeting new people where you can collaborate even further and grow your list or get more sales too. So it's just a great multifaceted thing where you can really get involved and meet new people.

[00:08:59] Kathi Burns:
Yeah, and giveaways are generally not that costly. And for those listening out there, if you've never done it, we giveaway. Definitely jump into one because I agree with Kristen that it collaboration, as online entrepreneurs we feel like we're alone all the time, and this allows us to make friends and meet new people that we would've never met.

And again, I love the fact that you will JV further and get more friendships and, deepen the relationship, and I think that's fantastic. And actually that's why I'm having you on the, this podcast is because I was involved with one of yours. And you are very methodical. I like the way that you break down the data, the steps. 1, 2, 3, so on and so forth. So let me ask you how long have you been in online or when did you move out to Hawaii?

[00:09:40] Kristen Robinson:

[00:09:42] Kathi Burns:
Okay, good. So what do you feel is the biggest obstacle that you've had to overcome in this aspect of your business? Anything that you've struggled against and overcome.

[00:09:52] Kristen Robinson:
Honestly the moving piece, I was just, honestly, and I'm thinking about it this year because this year is a PC S year, hold on, I'll break it down. So PCS stands for a Permanent Change of Station. My husband's gonna get orders and we're gonna move somewhere else. Remember every three to three and a half years this happened. But the thing is, if he gets into a special school, his schools are anywhere between six months to a year. So when you add it all up, since we've been married, it's been like six moves and we've been married for almost like 13 years. So if you guys wanna put the math together, that's a lot of moving.

And the reason I say that is because there's lots of things in it's like my life and business because my life gets chaotic, my business gets chaotic. So one thing I will say though, for some of you who are familiar with military life, my husband is an officer, so I'm just gonna caveat with that. For some of you who are familiar with. So with my husband, because he's an officer, there are lots of activities that happen throughout the year, whether PCS or not. But if you are leaving any orders, you have what you call hail and farewell. So hail and farewell means you hail in the new people, you farewell the bye people.

And no offense, you would think there's just one, right? Cuz he's in one unit. Oh no, there's lots of them. Because then there's the marines that he works with gotta do it. And then all his peers gotta do one. Then the whole unit's gotta do one. I'm sorry, but when we moved from, I think it was New Orleans, there were like five hail and farewells. I'm just like, I can't go to all these. I'm gonna get fat. Cuz they're, it's always eating involved. There's gifts, right? All that. So there's all those things I have to do with my husband. There's saying goodbye to everybody. There's the moving, you gotta pack things in, boxes, the move. So it's all of that.

And then what's happening in my business, because I'm not available to deliver, let's say a course, I'm not available to do some things. And so I would say the biggest, the hardest thing, how do I navigate my business in the midst of the chaos of moving? And then let's not forget, what if I move into a different time zone?

Cause that happens too. I could be on the East coast and it's Hawaii. I can go from Hawaii to the central time zone. I go from central to like seriously I move. So that's another thing too, is I have to really cut back it on what I'm gonna offer to my people. Cause I'm like, hold on, this is July. I can't say this will be 3:00 PM Eastern because that might not be the case, right? Cause it might be two o'clock Eastern. And then I have to remember, I'm six hours behind in Hawaii. So it's just so like for example, this year I only planned from January to April because May and June, hell with Farewell July's moving. And so it's there's this pause in my business where I'm like, I'm uncertain of what's going to happen.

And I can't really be like, oh, let me have to really wait until the orders come, where are we going? And even when we get the orders, that doesn't mean that's exactly where we're going. When we got orders to go to Hawaii, the original orders were for Japan. So I was getting all my little shots and everything and we were going to Japan. Our stuff was already on a boat in March, already there going and in March they came back to us and said, yeah, the position got reassigned. You're moving to Hawaii . Okay, so all my stuff on a boat, is it gonna come back? And they're, oh, it's gonna come back, but it's gonna go past Hawaii all the way back to North Carolina and it's gonna go back all the way.

I'm like, oh my. So even then, people I don't believe it until my, until I tell people I don't believe it until I'm sitting on the plane of buckling my seatbelt. Okay. That's when I know it's going to happen, because even, like I said, I'm sitting there getting shot to my passport and it's oh no you're not. And like I said this, and we're supposed to move in June and they're telling us in March no, we're, you're changing and all other stuff on your, on the boat, it won't get there till September. So I. Oh, I'm glad I have a laptop. Yeah so that is the hardest thing is to navigate what it is I'm gonna offer in my business.

What is it? How I'm gonna serve my people during the time. I'm trying to move a whole household of people. To a new location, new doctor, right from my dog, new vet, things like that. New doctor, new vet, new things like that. New area. Housing, all of those things that I have to navigate in my life and it's like trying to run my business. So that has been the hardest challenge.

[00:13:52] Kathi Burns:
Oh, I, yeah, I get it. And then you go in daylight savings time to the mix too are they switching? Are they not switching? Who switched? I don't know. So yeah, you were up against a lot. I organize a lot of military spouses and so I get it. And just the gowns alone that you girls have to put on is something. Talk to me about your most memorable win, like something that you did for yourself or your client. Give me a good story of of a nice win for.

[00:14:21] Kristen Robinson:
Gosh. The most memorable win. I'm gonna go with the one that just immediately popped into my head. That's the one which was, and it's funny because this organization is no longer around, but it was still the coolest thing ever. So in Hawaii there was an organization called Social and it was a networking group, right? They would host monthly networking events. And I had just gotten to the island in June, July-ish, and it was September, right? So this is my second networking event of theirs. And they decided to do an award and it was the networking award and I won.

And I remember going, how the heck do I win this award when I've only been on this island for two months? Who the heck did I meet ? And what was really cool about this award is that it's by voting. So what they do is they send out a thing to everyone who's a member of this organization and say, Hey, who would you nominate? And then after they get the nominations, you have to. So I'm sitting there going, I've only been on this, literally, I stepped foot on this island two months, not networked, stepped foot on the island, right? And I'm like how did I get nominated? And then how did enough people vote for me to win this out of?

And we're talking, people have been on the island for years, you guys like, it's not like just oh, she's new. Let's give it to her. No, it. There were other people who have been on the island way longer than me. It's like, how did I win this? And I remember the person, so there was three different awards. Don't ask me what the other two were. Cause I was excited about mine. But I remember the other person who won their award. We were in another organization that no longer existed, unfortunately, national Associa Professional Women. We were in that group together and she was like, I'm so happy cause I voted for you and I.

And so I had to, I just had to know, I'm like, why did you vote for me? Like you barely know me, like you know me for a month. Like why would you vote for me out of everybody? And I love what she said. She's the fact that you came on this island and you weren't so arrogant, you just wanted to give. You just wanted to help people. And that just stood out so much for me that when they asked who we nominated you, she goes, I nominated you. And I was like, oh. And she goes, and I voted for you. And I was like, wow. And she goes, and everybody here, I'm pretty sure she goes, I can't speak for everybody, but if they voted for you, I'm pretty sure they feel the same way.

And that was just the coolest thing. I don't know. I'm just like, wow. Just, I'm like, I'm just helping people out. Like I just, that's how networking works. Like you, you help people and then they help you, and that's how it works. You have this give first attitude and. It was cool. That was probably one of the coolest things that's probably ever happened to me in business.

[00:16:57] Kathi Burns:
Oh, that's awesome. Yeah. Giver's gift for sure. So how do you celebrate your success? What do you do? I'm asking this is a big year of celebration for me to make sure that I celebrate all the wins. How do you celebrate your wins and things like that.

[00:17:11] Kristen Robinson:
I'm a very simple girl, honestly. So I have a tiered thing Like something as simple as let's just say I did a launch and it, and whether it went bad or good, I did it, right. Like I have an I Did It award, like I did it. That's ice cream, Baskin Robins ice cream, pralines and cream in a cup. Like we don't get this, just the cup, like I did it one scoop, right?

Now if there's for example, I do a lot of three day virtual events cuz that's a lot, right? I can do a three day virtual. Then my happiness again, better, whether it's bad or good I'm really all about, I did it, and that's all that matters. If it's good, okay, we'll put some cool stuff in there, but there's a minimum of celebration, like I did it, right? So whenever I finish my three day virtual event, I do a spa day, so I go to Massage Envy. I get my little massage, and I get the facial, like I get both. There's no either or, hey, it was a good event and no. Minimum is a massage. Massage and the facial nothing when it comes to end of the year stuff.

How I reward myself is a nice weekend somewhere, so it doesn't even have to be, and a couple of times pandemic, but obviously it was staycations. But sometimes I've been feeling like, you know what? I just wanna stay at home and not leave and I've done this, not leave my house. So I will literally go to the grocery store, get everything I need for the weekend, and not leave my house for the whole weekend, just come see up in a little snuggle blanket, watch my Netflix, watch my Hulu, watch my Disney Plus, whatever it is, cuddle with the dog, all that great stuff, and just chill out.

Before all of that, I would go to Margaritaville. I love Margaritaville in New Orleans. So when we lived in New Orleans, we were going to Mississippi, to Margaritaville, and of course in Hawaii there's plenty of places to go in Hawaii. It's Hawaii, right? Yeah. For end of the year stuff, it's like I love to take care of myself. I guess self-care in the most weirdest way, minus the ice cream part. I love to reward myself, like just really treating myself to a really good time. So I'm very simple.

[00:19:08] Kathi Burns:
You are the first person that has a three list of things. Absolutely love it. Three, tiers. Girl, you do think very thematic. I love this step by step. I might have to throw in the ice cream cup myself when I do something I love and I think it's fantastic for, to celebrate. Whether it's good or bad, the fact that you just did it, the I did it award is a great reminder for all of us and I'm going to implement that as well cuz I'm always so judgey to myself, as we all are cuz you know, it wasn't quite what I, and then, then I don't celebrate, which is just silly because the fact that you actually did it is fantastic. So good for you girlfriend. I think that's taking that one away. I'm gonna run with it. And I like the idea of the ice cream cone in a cup or the ice cream in. Okay, so you are very organized. Obviously you have to be as a military spouse and as an entrepreneur. What's your favorite organizing hack?  

[00:20:00] Kristen Robinson:
Oh, man. My favorite organizing hack?

[00:20:04] Kathi Burns:
Or platform. Whatever you use that you just love.

[00:20:07] Kristen Robinson:
Like as far as like organizing notes or like what kind of organization?

[00:20:11] Kathi Burns:
Whatever you do to keep your, okay, let's do this. To keep your day-to-day life organized as an entrepreneur, what do you use, what tool?

[00:20:19] Kristen Robinson:
Okay. This is gonna sound so simple, but hands down, Google Calendar. Now I'm gonna say the reason why, because I love Google Calendar, because remember, my husband is in the military. I don't know. Okay. There are times where I don't know when he's gonna be out, whatever. I don't know cuz he just forgets to tell me. So I have synced his calendar onto mine. Yeah. So I'm like, oh, you have a field exercise next week. And I can be, I can look and so his stuff is synced with mine and then I'll put my, so what I've done is I've added reminders to remind me, oh, he's gonna be out in the field. A k a, he won't be home for a week, which means Kristen makes sure he takes out the trash before he leaves. And Kristen make sure changes that light bulb before he leave, have the honey to-do list before he leaves. So when the week comes, it's not Hey honey, oh, he's not here, right? So his calendar synced to mine. On top of that, my team has access to this calendar as well.

So if they're like, Hey, I need Kristen for something, it's eh, Kristen. Kristen is not available this time. And what I found, even with my team, It's the most, it's also gives my team boundaries, cuz I love my team. They love me. I'm gonna say this, it's, yes, you need boundaries with clients, but you need boundaries with your team. Yes. So one for, so example, I have lunch on my calendar, it says lunch break, right? And there's a block. And I've trained my team to be like, do not message me. Do not slack me. Do not, no. From 12 to one. And if you do, I'm not going to answer. And I'm gonna remind, and I'm going to silently remind you a k a not answer you that I am at lunch.

This is my time where I'm eating. I am enjoying myself. I get a one hour and then I will be back in the office, a k a, up the stairs, right? Like I will be there and I'll answer you. But from this time to this time, it's my sacred time of eating and being with myself and doing that. And that has been one of the coolest things, so that when my team can respect those boundaries oh, she's in an interview right now. I can't, she'll answer me later. Or, Hey, she's doing lunch, or, Hey, Kristen has a doctor's appointment. So just for them, knowing where I am, but also the fact that they know when to expect me to respond to something. And the best part is I don't I've told my team, I don't care it's on fire. No. You can wait like this urgency is not as important as you think it is. And they've learned that as well. Oh my gosh, this client's gonna fire us. It's no, it's not. It's just a misunderstanding that I will clear up when I get outta the doctor's appointment and drive all the way home. So I love that they, I'm like, I told no. They're like, but your doctor's appointment in, ah, I'm still driving. Yeah, I'm driving. I will see you when I get there. Like I'll respond when I get there.

So just having that boundary also with my team and just separating myself as that CEO like you said, but also keeping husband organized myself, organized the dog, all that stuff has just been really helpful. As simple as it sounds, it's done a lot for my business and my personal life. No, it's super powerful and I could not live without my Google calendar.

[00:23:19] Kathi Burns:
And I agree. The team knows where I am they schedule into it when they, they have the parameters they schedule for me, like this podcast, they scheduled it. And then I know I just show up and we also have all of our promotions, a seprate schedule for the promotions. And it's funny you say your husband, do you schedule trash on his calendar?

[00:23:37] Kristen Robinson:
No, I feel like I really need to okay. He puts Okay. In all fairness though, he puts reminders on his phone. So it's like Monday night it'll be like trash out. But I don't see the reminders, which sucks cuz it only just syncs the event. So he has his own reminders and of course we'll be sitting next to each other and it's oh, trash goes out like and it's on his reminder. But yeah.

[00:23:55] Kathi Burns:
I love it. I ask you that because I put take out the trash cuz every other week we have recycle and every, trash. And so I, so my husband never remembers, so I put it on his calendar, on his Google calendar cuz we share calendars and he declines it all the time. He cracks me up, he still takes it out, but he just has to put that big decline in there just to get my goat . I'm like that. That way we don't have to nag. It's in the calendar. He goes, is it recycle or trash day? Look in the google calendar. I wrote it in there. He goes, I can't remember which week is, which week. It's just the trivia stuff when you use a calendar properly the trivia stuff just falls away, just like your team knows that you're not gonna be disturbed a certain time. My team knows they can't schedule me cuz they can look at my calendar and see where I am and who I'm with and what I'm doing. So it just works out beautifully. But yeah, I love, I just love the Google suite in general okay. As we're winding down. If you were going to tell your 18 year old self something, what piece of advice would you give her? .

[00:24:55] Kristen Robinson:
The 18 year old self. Oh boy. Woo. The 18 year old self, I would tell her that at any given time, anything can change, because I feel and it's so funny cuz me and my husband were talking about this the other day, like back in high school days, right? Like high school, college days. Where you just think everything is so finite. Like we were really talking about this okay, fun fact about me and my husband in high school, we went to separate high schools. We never got asked to homecoming like ever. So it's like hilarious. We talk about this like we've never been to a homecoming before. And it's like when you think about it, you're like, oh my gosh, no one ever asked me. I must be like, something's wrong with me or something. And it's newsflash, just because you didn't go to homecoming doesn't mean you won't go to prom or you won't go to the next dance or whatever.

I just have to laugh because in college we had dances and we actually went to dances together and it was like, oh, we never went to homecoming, but we went to dances together. Like it was just, it's just funny how some of that stuff works out where you think it's so finite or you think that means something about you, but the next day, like it's another day. Like that thing is in the past and the next thing can offer change. And I say that because especially the life that I lived being a military's spouse, literally any day can be different and change like what day it's this, what day it's this, what day? It's that. Nope, it's this like a, anything a any different, any given day, anything can change. And so that's what I would tell my 18 year old self is just to just recognize that whatever yesterday, broad doesn't mean that's what tomorrow's gonna bring.

[00:26:24] Kathi Burns:
Yeah. Go with the flow girl, go with the flow and expect it to change. Cuz that is the one thing that's constant is change anyhow, so might as well get into it. Okay. So I know you have something that you're gonna offer the audience here and the listeners what's your free, valuable resource you're gonna put out there, Kristin?

[00:26:41] Kristen Robinson:
My exposure audience blueprints. I love this. So it's basically the five ways of how I've grown my email list to 4,000 email subscribers twice. So I grew my email list from zero to 4,200 in two and a half years, and I realized that I wasn't making the amount of money that I wanted to make, right? Like I was struggling to make $3,000 months with a 4,000 person email list. And I was just like, this is absurd. I'm gonna burn down my list like any same person would do, right? So I sent out three emails to my list and said, Hey, if you wanna stay with me, click here and re-op in. And out of those 4200, 1600 stayed with me. So I literally lost a lot on my list and I realized a big learning lesson was not only I need to grow my list, but I need to grow my list with the right people.

Because a lot of people are taught they can have quality or quantity, and it's no, you can have both. That's what we want. We want a lot of the right people. We don't want a small group, right? We want a lot of the big people. And so I was like, okay, I have a second chance to do this. Let's see if I can grow my list with quality people, the right people, but get a lot of them. And so that's what I did. We went from 1600 to 4,000 in a year and a half, so I did it faster. And when I finally hit that 4,000 is when I had a $65,000 year in my business, and the previous year I had made 30,000. So I doubled my revenue just by going, oh my gosh, and having the right people looking at my offer.

And so in my exposure audience blueprint, I'm walking you through the strategies that I did to do that twice. And the funny thing is I use a lot of the same strategies. I just tweaked them to make sure I was talking to the right person, like tweaking my messaging. It was the same strategies, it was just, Hey, I'm talking to this person and being more specific with whoever that person was. So my blueprint covers my five strategies and how I did it, and I'm giving that as my valuable resource.

[00:28:33] Kathi Burns:
I love that. And I think it's so important that everyone out there hears this, that you can get rid of the people that, the people who didn't re-op in were people who really didn't care anyhow, and they're probably ones that didn't open your list and you're paying to send stuff to them and they were not even enlisted. So I think that's brilliant and very very courageous for you to slaughter your list. I think it needs to be done from time to time, so that's good. All right, everybod download that. I've already downloaded, I've already looked at it. It's really good. So download it. You'll get some tips that you might not have even considered on how to go your list from Kristen. I really appreciate. That's very generous, Kristen. So, is there anything that we should have talked about that I didn't ask you? Anything burning that you wanted to talk about during this podcast?

[00:29:17] Kristen Robinson:
Not necessarily, but the thing is I'm glad you had me and this is probably the most different type of interview I've had in a long time. I don't really get a chance to talk about my military spouse life, so I'm glad I really got to talk about it. Especially the things that keep me organized cuz there is a lot that happens. But yeah. Thank you so much for having me. I really appreciate it.

[00:29:38] Kathi Burns:
Oh, absolutely. And you know that's what it's all about is I think hearing everybody's stories and where we're at personally has a big factor on us as women entrepreneurs, especially those of us who are working from home, our home life is very much a factor in our successor not success and our attitude or not attitude. So I commend you for all your moves and going online obviously is something you had to do and good luck with the time change. Everybody's still dealing with that one. Maybe one day we'll stop changing the time, that'd be fantastic. But anyhow, thank you Kristen so much. And everybody, make sure to download your resource, grab it, you'll learn a lot, and I will see you next week. Thanks, Kristen.

[00:30:19] Kristen Robinson:
Thank you.

[00:30:21] Kathi Burns:
Take care. See you guys next week.

Hey, thanks for listening to this podcast. I hope you enjoyed this episode, and if you want to hear more, feel free to subscribe on the platform of your choice. Also, if you feel so inclined, I would truly appreciate a good rating from you to me. Have a stellar day.

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