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[00:00:00] Kathi Burns:
Hi there. I'm board certified professional organizer Kathi Burns. I'm really glad you're here. This podcast is designed for busy entrepreneurs just like you, who wanna take better control of your business and move forward with less stress and more success. If this is your first time listening, then thanks for coming.

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Now, let's get into the show.

Hi everyone, this is Kathi and I'm back. Today I'm talking to Eva Gregory and we're gonna talk about the how to create a no like trust factor that's really attractive and easy and not superficial. And just like how do you get people to know and trust you right off the bat. That's what our discussion's gonna be today, and I'm talking to Eva because she helps coaches and entrepreneurs scale their businesses beyond eight figures. And she helps him do premium offers for high-end clients. And basically, I can trust her right away. So she's the game and we're gonna talk about that and we're gonna jump into it right now.

Hi everyone. I'm back and I'm with Eva Gregory and I'm very excited because we're gonna talk about business, we're gonna talk about success, we're gonna talk about how to become a very likable, noble, trustable person. And I wanted to welcome you Eva, on the show cause I'm excited. This good topic for everybody.

[00:01:39] Eva Gregory:
Thank you. Thank you for inviting me. I'm glad to be here.

[00:01:43] Kathi Burns:
Absolutely. So let's just jump into it. Let people know a little bit about you. What are you up to? Even, how did you get to this place where you're helping people in business?

[00:01:52] Eva Gregory:
What am I up to? Oh my goodness. So many things. But basically my business is working with what I call spiritual entrepreneurs. So coaches, healers, anybody, coaches that are in the transformation arena. And those are to help them to grow their businesses. But the way it started out was, I was in a software company with my other half and we were failing miserably.

Yeah. It was really bad. And it was at that time, I had run across this principle called the Law of Attraction. And after about five years of struggling that business, when I ran across this principle I thought, oh my God, this is what's been missing for me.

And I we had creditors after us, in the business creditors after us personally. The morale in the business was really low. We weren't able to pay ourselves most of the time, so obviously the tension was really high. And then at that point, when I understood the law of attraction, I always assume people know what the law of attraction is, but I'm just gonna bring it back to my definition of it, if that's okay. Just to make sure everybody's

[00:02:54] Kathi Burns:
Oh yeah. Bring it home, girl. You're talking about talk. Let's talk.

[00:02:58] Eva Gregory:
Oh, alright. Alright. Yeah. But basically the law of attraction just says whatever you put your focus on, you're gonna get more of in your life. But here's where I put the emphasis. It really isn't the emotion, it's that emotional charge you have on whatever it is you're focused on, that's going to attract more of the same to you. So in the company where had my focus been, it was only everything I did not want. And you have to think about like our thoughts are the engine, but the emotions are the fuel. And I had some very highly negative emotion that I was carrying at the time.

And of course everybody in the company was doing it. And I just remember waking up one, one night about three in the morning, and I just got this, I don't know, almost like a revelation. Say, Eva, you're not walking your talk. Throw out all the practical stuff you do practical stuff as good people , but in this case, everything we were doing wasn't working.

And really I just decided they and said, take the understanding of mindset shift and law of attraction into the company starting with you. And so I decided we didn't have anything to lose, basically. And so I took this understanding of Law of Attraction into the company. And what we did is we created a company wide game.

We had this huge spreadsheet, we called it the prosperity account. . And then on day one, in this case, we started with $10,000 in this imaginary account, right? And then every day folks in the company would post on the spreadsheet what they would spend their 10,000 on that day in the business. Okay. So it was like $10,000 day one, $11,000 day two, et cetera.

So we kept, it kept going up and the interesting thing that happened was it did shift our energy and things would happen, like the marketing department was spending on the sales team. The sales team was purchasing equipment for the programming department, and it was just, Oh my gosh, everybody think so generous.

And so the whole point of the game really was to get our focus on something that was better than it had been for a while. And it literally shifted our energy and it was that emotional charge that we'd been carrying around. . And my point, and this is by the way, energy alignment and law of attraction is the thread through everything I do, even when I'm helping my coaches grow their businesses.

Because, the universe doesn't know if what we're focused on is real or imaginary. It picks up on the energy, the vibration and that is in your emotion. That's how you know what your're vibrating, right? And whether it's real or not, and so as we were playing the prosperity account, our energy had shift.

And so in within nine months of beginning this process, somebody that we had never heard of approached us about buying the company. So we love the software you have. We'd like to buy you out, lock, stock, and barrel. And we literally went from living paycheck to paycheck when we even got one to successfully selling that business for a hefty sum of money.

And that was when I said, oh my God, I want to teach this. And I wanted to get, I'd been in the computer industry for years at that time. I said, I gotta get outta high tech and into high people . And that was when I, that was when I ran across, coaching. I'd never even heard of coaching. And then I got into coaching as a result and I started by, everything that I was teaching was about law of attraction.

And then as my business was taking off, other coaches were wanting to know what I was doing. And then that kind of evolved into teaching them how to use the practical strategies, which are key, very key. But you've gotta have the right energy with it. That's the reason you can have 10 people go through the same course, and four of the people will succeed and others don't.

And then, so what was the difference if they all did the same thing? This is what we're talking about. It's that the mindset, the energy alignment, law of attraction, and of course you knowing how you feel, this, that's the emotional guidance system, which then led me into teaching more about inner guidance. So that's how I got to where I am right now.

[00:06:45] Kathi Burns:
I love that. I've always been a big proponent of the law of attraction and I've been setting it for a long time. It reminds me of Ester Hicks does the bank account, putting

[00:06:54] Eva Gregory:
That's exactly the game that we took in the Prosperity account. Yeah, it was that game. Exactly.

[00:06:59] Kathi Burns:
Yeah, put money in your bank account, register, and let's just, and she goes, she doubles it every day, and then what are you gonna spend it on?

[00:07:07] Eva Gregory:
Oh, okay. That must be a different version. Yeah.

[00:07:09] Kathi Burns:
Once you get to a certain point, you're like, I don't know what I'm gonna do with $580,000 to spend a day.

[00:07:15] Eva Gregory:
And you know what's interesting about that? Even though we're playing it as a game, do you know even if you were doing a thousand dollars a day, if you started at a thousand dollars that if you played it for a year, you would've spent in that imaginary count over 666, either 66 million or 666 million.

I forget now. Whatever it was big. And the point of it was that when you do that, you are stretching your wealth mentality. You are raising your vibration around what you believe is possible. And as a result of that, it starts to reflect in your physical life, which is what happened to us. We were playing it and we were playing at those big numbers and it seemingly felt like someone out of the blue then showed up and bought us out and the company, it was all connected and of course we were doing the things that we needed to do every day. We weren't just lying in bed playing games. And I have to say something here too, just to let people know once you understand law of attraction, it's not like I've arrived and then the rest of the, your life is just always gonna be in Nirvana.

And if somebody tells you that, I say Run Bambi. Run. It's not true . But, cause we're, this is the, we're human beings and we're, even to this day, like I still have issues, I still have my own concerns and challenges, but I know how to take the time to shift that energy and focus on what I do want, and then take the action from there.

So it was worth it. I look back at those years and I'm think, oh my God, for what I've learned, it was so worth it. So worth it.

[00:08:41] Kathi Burns:
Yeah. And everything we go through, and I so do agree that. Everything we go through counts towards where we are now, and it's just keeping your emotions intact. I love the thought we're deed and by speaking the thought and then speaking it helps you shift that emotional charge towards it. And then doing it even solidifies it, but, It all does come down to emotions. I'm in complete alignment with you on that for sure. So what would you say if someone's stuck in the muck of their stuff right now? What would you say would be step one for them to make that first little baby step? To get them out of, wherever they're at right now?

[00:09:16] Eva Gregory:
Yeah, great question. So here's the thing. All we're wanting to do, this is what I love about this topic. No, you don't need to depend on the situation. You don't need on somebody else to change for you, but for, it's up to you.

Like I would say get into present moment. Like just forget as best you can. Everything I say is like as best you can. We're in the throes of something. It's, yeah, we're just doing the best we can and that's enough. Yeah, but you get into present moment and you focus on how do I want to feel?. How do I want to feel?

Not change anything. Not, what's, where am I gonna get the money? How am I gonna pay my bills? But you just, how do I want to feel? That one question always points you in the direction of what you do want automatically. You don't have to say it. Am I at saying anything? Am I thinking about the thing?

Because I'll tell you, there were some times during that time in the company, , after I had learned law of attraction, all, none of the processes were working for me. And I just had to say, I just wanna feel good. I just wanna feel good. Dear God in heaven, please. I just wanna feel good. I would lay in bed at night, so the question to ask if you don't know anything else is just ask, how do I want to feel?

And then you feel, I wanna feel peace, I wanna feel confident, I wanna feel whatever it is. And you just play there. There's gonna be a moment and you're gonna literally, you'll feel a shift in your emotion. It'll be a little bit of relief. Wherever you are. And what that little bit of relief tells you is that if you can do it right here and now, then now you're at a different level.

And now if you do it, you could get to the next level. And what that helps you understand is no matter where you are, no matter how low you have gone that if you do this, there's no place you cannot go. There's not gonna be a quantum leap. It's not gonna be this massive leap from despair to ecstasy because vibrationally, we're not there yet.

That's why I'm a huge proponent of taking baby steps lead to avalanches of goodness. Oh that's where I would bring, it's just cut yourself some slack. That's the other thing we judge ourselves. How could I have done this? How stupid was I? it's the economy or it's that person. Like you gotta give all that up. Just get into the, get into your present moment and ask, how do I wanna feel?

[00:11:23] Kathi Burns:
Yeah, the present moment because blaming people, oh, this is what happened in the past, and you're in the past or forward thinking this is where they're all gonna go in the future doesn't help you at all. I love to follow that up with, how do I wanna feel now? And I've been toying with playing with the what if statement. What if I really did feel that way when I wake up in the morning. You know what, if that really did happen I think that's powerful as well.

[00:11:49] Eva Gregory:
So super, super, super powerful. Super powerful. I love that. I call it the what if up game because what was the game we're playing? Oh my God, what if I can't make the sale? What if the money doesn't come in? What if I'm evicted? That's the what if down game, right? And that's when you say, okay, what if so what if? What if I can't?

What if I wake up and all is well, what if I get three new clients this week? What if I, oh my gosh. And you know what I in the what if up game when you're playing it, you don't even have to stay in reality. Because it all to shift your energy, everything's to shift. Your energy's oh my God, what if I got three new clients a today?

And what if somebody come and said, how did you do that? And I said I would just shift in energy and the next thing I know is what if Time Magazine wants to interview me? And what if I like, you could just go crazy with it and have some fun. But it's a great way to shift your energy within a minute.

[00:12:31] Kathi Burns:
It is a blast. I'm just loving the what if thing. Okay. So talk to me about what you would tell your 18 year old self, because obviously before you got married, you started your software company, you're 18 years old. What would you tell her now to help her transitioning to where you are now or to make it easier?

[00:12:51] Eva Gregory:
Ooh. She worried a lot. She assumed the worst a lot. She was very insecure, didn't know, was always looking outside herself to get answers. And so I think what I would say is that to understand the power of your focus and to focus on what you do want and hold the vision of that and understand that all is well and you're totally taken care of.

But here's the thing, just take one step at a time. Just take one step at a time. That's another big big thing that I did learn was we don't have to have the whole picture. We never have the whole picture. But just to take one step, think and feel. Think and feel and ask.

Ask for the guidance, ask, who would be the best person to help me with this? Who would be the best person to help me with my business, to help me with my organization, with, how do we create a business that is, organized and efficient and easy? Those kinds of things. And then of course, what happens is that's when watch the serendipities in the synchronicities.

That's your guidance. That's your guidance when you're starting to ask these questions. The biggest thing I'd say though is I would be saying, Hey, just take one step at a time and never give up. Never give up.

[00:14:06] Kathi Burns:
Yeah. And stop your worrying. Worrying against forward thinking. So we don't need any of that stuff, right?

[00:14:14] Eva Gregory:
Yeah. , it's a big waste of your imagination as someone said.

[00:14:18] Kathi Burns:
Ooh, I like that. Ooh, worry is a waste of your imagination. Oh, yes, it is. So what's been the most memor memorable moment in your career so far?

[00:14:29] Eva Gregory:
Oh my goodness. That was memorable.

[00:14:32] Kathi Burns:
Or even a quick client story that just like you, you get jazzed every day. Put up a smile every time you think about it.

[00:14:38] Eva Gregory:
Oh my goodness. Let's see. Oh, client stories. Oh my gosh, so many. I think the thing that fills me up the most is, I'm just trying to think of a specific client story, but when they, especially in the Enlightened Business Success Academy, what happens, they come in and I let them know.

I say, Hey, look, you're gonna get into a place. You're gonna, oh my God, there's so much, and you're gonna get overwhelmed, and you're gonna say, what have I got myself into? And I'm just reminding you, it's one step at a time, which was my big message and then I said, and then you're gonna come to me at some point and you're gonna say, you won't believe what just happened.

And let me tell you, that is the thing that I look for. It's you won't believe what just happened. I just got my first $20,000 client and it didn't require a long sleazy sales call. Yeah. Seemingly out of the blue, right? It never is. It never is.

[00:15:28] Kathi Burns:
I love that. I'm in a big celebration phase. I've realized throughout my life I haven't celebrated that much, so I'm asking every single podcast guest, how do you celebrate Eva? If you have something that just you're over the moon, what do you do to celebrate?

[00:15:44] Eva Gregory:
Oh my gosh, so many things. A lot of the times what I'll do is I will pack up and take a weekend retreat. Up to wine country, go wine tasting with friends, do something like that. Other times it's just, I'm taking off and I'm just going to be what I call my sacred day. And I just do whatever I feel inspired to for the day, whatever that is, with no schedule at all. Other times it's just celebrating with friends, friends and family. Yeah, but I love to okay, we're going to wine country an hour from me.

[00:16:18] Kathi Burns:
You're my kind girl. I'm like let's go out. Let's pull out the bubbly. Yeah. For saying that, it reminded me of the artist's way having a date with yourself, which I haven't done that for quite a long time. Having a day where you don't have any, you don't do anything with anyone except for yourself. And you say, what do I wanna do today? Just me and me alone. And, sometimes that's a little bit difficult for people, I think you're like, oh, at least it is for me because I'm such a people person. I'm like, I don't know what I wanna do with me.

[00:16:47] Eva Gregory:
Yeah. That's where you wanna just have, so what would I, what would be the most inspiring thing for me to do? It can be as simple as I know a lot of times for me it's to go out on my balcony and prop up my feet and read a book and I could be reading that, a book all day. Or it might be to go to the spa, it might need to go get a massage and then to a movie or something like that. But it's just my day and my time for me.

[00:17:09] Kathi Burns:
That's right. Doing what you want. Only with no outside influences.

[00:17:14] Eva Gregory:
And I take myself out to meals by myself. I love to do that.

[00:17:18] Kathi Burns:
Okay. Let's talk organizing just for a moment. This is organized and energize. So what is your favorite organizing tactic? That's a good one. Hectic a tactic or hack that you use that really works for you?

[00:17:30] Eva Gregory:
Okay. So my favorite organization tactic or strategy is an online one. Okay. And that is how I use my Google calendar. All right, so my Google calendar, I use it as my true north. All right. So if I've gone through let's say I've gone through a strategic planning day and I've set up, okay, these are the things I'm gonna do for this quarter and the things that need to get done, then I'm gonna allocate different times for different things on my calendar. Oh, my Google calendar, okay.

But on the Google calendar, we have the description. I guess this is not gonna mean a whole lot to people who aren't on Google, but there's a place on Google that you can have a description. So that's where I would put the links to anything I need, if I'm gonna be working on it, what the steps are that I need to be taking to get these things done.

And then when the allocated time comes on my Google calendar, I go in, I'm working on this thing, and let's say the time runs out and I'm not finished, then I make a note of where I left off, everything's right there. So that next week, like it's the same time next week, if that's how I've done this, I go in, when I pull the calendar up exactly where I need to be, the links to what it is and what needs to be done next, is there.

I don't have to say, now where was I? Where's that document? What did, where did I leave off? None of that stuff. It's all right there and it's always right in front of me. So that's my biggest favorite.

[00:18:52] Kathi Burns:
I love Google Calendar and I love you that you are, that you're using it that way. Having the links to documents is so very important. The average person wastes three hours a week just trying to find stuff, trying to find their documents or their links. So having the links right in your calendar is, brilliant.

[00:19:09] Eva Gregory:
Yeah. And so what and then that, speaking to that, I used to keep stuff in Word documents. Now it's up on Google Docs and yeah. Cause that's where I can just link straight to them and know exactly where I am and what needs to be, what needs to happen next. Yeah. That's super duper smart. And I like the fact that with Google Drive too, that you can share the docs so you know you can edit. You can edit back and forth in real time with the person when you're working on a project together. That's a really great thing. Yeah. So for those of you who are not on Gmail, and Google Calendar and Google Drive, get there because that's where it's at. Get yourself a Gmail address. Although I think more and more everybody has Gmail, but people don't quite know how to use that calendar as good as you do. As well as you do. That's great. Okay, so talk to me about I know you have something to download for the audience. What is it that they can get from you that's going to rock their world?

Okay, so what I'm going provide is an infographic, okay? And it's called The Six Key Elements to Building Relationships in Your Divine Market. And it has the six key elements to use in whether you're posting on social media, email or you're creating a free offer or something like that. So it gives you what those six things are to always be remembering, and if you're applying them, it's going to provide a lot of value to whatever it is that you're posting or putting out there to your followers.

[00:20:32] Kathi Burns:
Fantastic. So we're gonna put the link below, and for those who are listening, what is the link if you wanna say it or spell it out for us? Eva? I think it's eva gregory.com.

[00:20:41] Eva Gregory:
It is eva gregory.com/six hyphen the number six hyphen key hyphen elements.

[00:20:50] Kathi Burns:
Perfect. And most of the people are watching anyhow, so you know if you're watching and you didn't catch it, just, if you're listening, go on and watch. And by the way, while you're watching, go ahead and give us a good review. Give us a good thumbs up. Say you love us, and that would be very much appreciated. Let's add to the love. Okay. Is there anything that I should have asked you that we haven't covered? Anything that was really on your mind that you wanted to talk?

[00:21:17] Eva Gregory:
Basically, I just wanna say, for all of us we live in our little home offices, many of us, and we can, it's easy for us to forget that, it's okay and we're all right. And so I just want to remind people that the sky is the limit. And when you start to doubt yourself, just really come back to that present moment, ask how you wanna feel, and just when you come from your heart, this is the biggest thing. I'm gonna give you those six key elements. When we come from our heart, oh my gosh, and we're offering value of service and authenticity.

We're cultivating those relationships with our fellow human beings. That's what we're here to do. And so in those spaces, just understand there's no place we cannot go.

[00:21:58] Kathi Burns:
Yes. There is no place we can't go. Click your heels. See it as so believe it. Even if you can't believe it. Think about it and feel how it's gonna feel.

[00:22:08] Eva Gregory:

[00:22:09] Kathi Burns:
Yeah. Feel it. Feel it. Oh, that's fantastic. I am so happy that you were on the show. I'm glad that we were able to do it. And for those of you make sure to download your list because when you're sending out information, when you're sending out to the general audience, it really helps to have these six key elements so that you're real, so that you're trustworthy, so that they believe in you. And Eva is a master at doing that through all of her conversations that she has. So I've been following you for quite some time, girl, and you've got it. So thank you so much and guys, I'll see you next week and get ready to go get yourself organized and energized. Get a Gmail calendar, get Gmail, get Google Calendar. Follow our advice. Thanks Eva.

[00:22:50] Eva Gregory:
Thank you.

[00:22:57] Kathi Burns:
Hey, thanks for listening to this podcast. I hope you enjoyed this episode, and if you want to hear more, feel free to subscribe on the platform of your choice. Also, if you feel so inclined, I would truly appreciate a good rating from you to me. Have a stellar day.

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