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[00:00:00] Kathi Burns:
Hi there. I'm board certified professional organizer Kathi Burns. I'm really glad you're here. This podcast is designed for busy entrepreneurs just like you, who wanna take better control of your business and move forward with less stress and more success. If this is your first time listening, then thanks for coming. The Organized Energized Podcast is produced for your enjoyment and show notes are found at thepodcast.organizedandenergized.com. Come back often and feel free to add this podcast to your favorite R S feed or iTunes. You can also follow me on Twitter at Organized Energy and Facebook. All links are in the show notes. Now, let's get into the show.

Hi everyone. Welcome back to the Organized and Energize podcast. Today we're going to talk about how you're healed, how to heal your past to energize your future. We're going to speak with Gary Stewart. He's a communication expert and author and a speaker, and he facilitates constellations as his primary tool for transformation in any area of anyone's personal or business life. You've never heard anything like this. When I met Gary, I was just astounded by what he does. He's the founder of the Constellation Healing Institute. He's a facilitator, speaker, and trainer for over 20 plus years. A constellation is a process that allows your subconscious dynamics to reveal what's hidden to cause problems in your life. So we're going to talk about becoming conscious, how to become empowered to make better choices that serve you beyond any inherited negative patterns that do not serve you. We're going to jump right into it, so you're going to love Gary. Let's meet him now.

Hi everyone and welcome back to the Organized Energized Podcast. We are with Gary Stuart. Hey Gary. Thanks for jumping on.

[00:01:52] Gary Stuart:
Oh, thank you. It's a pleasure, Kathi. Thank you so much.

[00:01:55] Kathi Burns:
Absolutely. So look, we have constellations in the background. We have all sorts of good stuff we're going to talk about. So talk to me, Gary, about how did you get into this constellation business?

[00:02:06] Gary Stuart:
Yeah. Before I became a business, I just was a massage therapist in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California. And somebody came into our center, Hey, I'm promoting this new modality, blah, blah, blah. And I said, what is it? And I said, constellations has nothing to do with astrology. It's about the placement of members in your family system. Of course, the ghosts in the background are dead ancestors and that it started out in 1965, believe it or not, by German psychotherapy females. This was invented by a female, but a male got all the credit. No, no disrespect to Bert Hellinger, my teacher and the person who made the modality famous globally. They were looking at the architecture of the family systems, so why would a, they would go on stage, like theatrical stage, put in a mother or father, and if the husband rep would walk away and say, okay, there's a break in the marriage. What happened in the marriage to make that break? Why are the kids huddled with the father and they were ignoring the mother? What did the mother do to make the kids scared of her? So they started to do it on stage, almost like a improv theatrical piece and Bert Hellinger, who coined the term constellations as a pictograph of your family system couldn't believe the downloads he got. Wait a minute. I was asked to step in a father. I wasn't me for a minute, and I understand all the emotions of a total stranger when I do not know the working client's name. So there's a field of consciousness, which I did write a book called Quantum Activation, and I blew Amicka Swami, he was in with the bleep. We co-wrote the book, and he was absolutely blown away how I could connect to the multidimensional field in the nanosecond and read his whole life history in 10 minutes. He couldn't even believe, and the accuracy was 100%. And so I said, you gave me permission to tap into your multi dimensional field of consciousness. I sincerely believe we're consciousness or an idea of God, so to speak, before we become physical and we can be physical and reach back to that consciousness and get all the information that's stored in our own personal universe or our collective universe of our family system. And if we have the coverage, the bigger universe.

[00:04:19] Kathi Burns:
Yeah, that would take some courage for sure. Absolutely. So you took the training and then you just, then you started getting downloads as you were doing,

[00:04:27] Gary Stuart:
I started going to workshops to support her. I said, let me support you. I'll learn about this. And I was in the living room in Brentwood, California. That's the Shihi area of Los Angeles and she said, I need a grandfather here. Would you represent a grandfather? And she had, I do the work blindly. I don't let the room know what the client's working on. We just do it blind. It's much quicker and deeper that way because then people try to help by doing a reenactment that doesn't help at all. It's like the brain is trying to do a theatrical impersonation. I went to one, some trainees, I was coaching, oh, the client's and my mother's an alcoholic and blah, blah, blah. So they put a rep in for your mother. She starts going like this with a fake bottle. I said, how is that gonna help the client? That's play acting. That's psychodrama, bs. I said She probably had grief and depression from a death or lost baby. That was the real cause of her drinking. Why go through the symptom? Let's go to the root cause. So I just go deep to the root cause. So when I was in my first constellation as a rep here I was a great grandfather or great-grandfather. The client said she was Lithuanian. She didn't say till the end, she was Lithuanian. She said, I don't know who I am and I'm 55 years old and I feel not connected to myself. That was her goal. She said let's put in an ancestor. I got a huge download. He was depressed. Everyone left for the new world. No one cared that he created all this life. The soil was dead on the farm. It wouldn't grow food. And I died depressed and lonely. It was like boom. Inside me and I'm like by,

[00:05:58] Kathi Burns:
So this was the person that's saying that, I'm lonely, I'm depressed. I don't know why.

[00:06:02] Gary Stuart:
No, that was me. That was my experience as the rep she was saying, I don't know who I am. I don't, I feel disconnected inside myself, and my life has half over and I feel like I'm a ghost walking through my life. And so the resolution was you are a Lithuanian. It's still touched me this day. You she, we ended up hugging and crying together. This is so strange. I don't even know her last name. And we were there. She finally connected to her ancestry and she felt whole and complete. She came back with her husband 10 years later and said, my life changed that night. I said, I'm here leading the workshops because of what happened in your constellation. I created a business around it because I was amazed by it, and then her husband did some work on his issues and she, it's an unforgettable experience, either being facilitated by me being repped, even when I rep, it's always unforgettable because we're getting this download of information that's so universal and it's always available. We just don't focus on it.

[00:06:59] Kathi Burns:
So for you it was a natural tapping in.

[00:07:02] Gary Stuart:
Oh yeah. I was, the funny thing is in massage therapy and then I'm massaging people. I was a standup comic, didn't work out in LA I still have the talent, but using it in different venues now. And I was massaging people and I would get a thought, ask about anger, this, my shoulder's tight, or they'd say my effing shoulder's tight. I'd say, okay, really sounds angry. And I said, oh, what's angry in your life? Oh, this happened. That then they'd leave the table, oh, you took a rock off me. Oh, this is the best massage I've ever had. So I was one of the most requested therapists because I blended. So the feel that person's field was really telling me what the body needed. Sure. It made me a cracker jack massage therapist, but also I didn't know it was the same field as the constellations downloading information. When you're touching another human, you're in their field. I was downloading all the stuff off their body, and then I would ask a probing question who's the pain in the neck? They were kind of cliche, but it's really true. Who's a pain in the neck? And you're like, every single person knew exactly who it was because they didn't verbally express it. Overtly, it's traumatized in the body. It's holding a pain in the butt, pain in the neck, sciatica. Frozen shoulder, you name it. You know what I mean? And so I made those connections for the people during the hour and a half massage. And because that connection was made, the energy could release from their conscious mind, their physical body, and they felt elated by having experienced. So when I experienced, the reason I'm saying that when I experienced Constellation, it was the same field talking to me. Guiding me, whether I was a rep or the facilitator. So somehow I already had this link up, which was established in massage.

[00:08:45] Kathi Burns:
Yeah. I find that a lot of massage therapists do have that tap into Universal. A lot do. And I have a girlfriend who got into Akashic readings. Another one. Doing all different types of psychic work. It's just quite interesting to me. But I think it's true because you're totally in their field when you're in their field and you have to have good touch to be a good massage. So therefore you have to be open and receptive. And therefore you might get download. Now I'm curious about the term constellation. What would you describe, how would you describe Constellation?

[00:09:17] Gary Stuart:
How the term came about is Bert saw these German psychotherapists on stage. They were PhDs. They weren't just, they were really big players. Virginia Satir. A couple of German women, I don't have their names I can't recall their names. And he said, oh, the pictograph is like a constellation. Oh, the picture of that family is like a constellation in the sky. It looks like five stars, but it's Orion, it looks like 10 stars, but it's a crab. It looks like 15 stars, and it's Andromeda, whatever. That term, the minute people grasp it, when he used the word constellation, then they said, oh, Bert Hellinger, the developer. No, he was an attendee who really got it. And then he coined the term, which took off like wildfire. And then of course the women go by the wayside thinking it's the authoritarian German patriarch who created this when, no, it was discovered by him through other psychotherapists who were looking for cutting edge Germans. Are very precise, looking to take apart things mechanically and make it work perfect. And that's part of the German psyche to be perfect actually. For America it's to get rich.

[00:10:25] Kathi Burns:
Yeah. Isn't that's a truth isn't for sure. . So as you've been going through the process of it would be called reading people's concept.

[00:10:35] Gary Stuart:
Yeah. It's reading, you could call it reading the field reading, in a way it's like the field, because we're going into the records, what's stored, our D N A stores records, and I was the first one to develop past life constellations because it showed up a few times. And once we rectified the most of the past live stuff that I did, it's when the person didn't die naturally the trauma was alive in the next body. So when I felt that was happening, I said, let's toy with it. I may be on the wrong track. I'm usually not. And it was a traumatic death that we just let the person know that their spirit didn't die. Their body died that lifetime in an accident or whatever. But now the recipient can let them have that fate, so to speak, of dying in a tunnel and accident of fire, and then they can move on leaving that part of our past, internal past in a way, spiritual past, behind, and then move forward into a more fulfilled life without fear. Fear of this or fear it could show up as a phobia or just a limitations. Animals have it too. I have a little puppy area sleeping on my feet. When I turn on that oven, he's barking and screaming at me for the oven. And so how would a dog know heat is dangerous? And maybe he had a doggy past life where he was burned. He goes crazy when there's anything hot. So what makes the dog an animal know that I know animals have memory. When you get a rescue dog and it's been abused, my sister got one and it won't go near the kitchen table. So obviously someone kicked it to beat it for looking for food and the dog has a memory. So do dogs and animals have past lives? If you look at everything that's alive and grows, it has a history behind it. Even a weed comes from a long line of weed and one one of my memes I have out there, we all come from a long line of dead people. And we really do. We're really, this is, we're the new flower in the mulch of the family system.

And now one thing I wondered if the pyramids of Egypt, which are crawled inside on a vacation, if you look at a pyramid, are all the dead ancestors, the foundation and the new baby is the capstone. Like all these dead people brought a new baby to the sun. As part of the family system. And if you look the Great Pyramids were a funerary, which they really weren't. I've been inside the King's chamber. There was this sarcophagus, but it was never used. I don't think I could do an again because of the claustrophobia aspect of it. But it's so interesting. Did do the pyramids represent the growth of the past supporting the future? And it's almost a pyramid is our family system of Pyramid with hundreds of dead people, like the great grandparents would be the baseline grandparents, parents, and then the baby on top. And then that baby grows up and starts his own pyramid.

[00:13:21] Kathi Burns:
Yeah. I'm not sure I like that because it, it's like a closing in as opposed to an expansion type of thing.

[00:13:27] Gary Stuart:
I mean it more in getting the support to see the sun, have it stay in the sun. So we're really like a new flower in the garden. But the garden was here long ago, and you could say the dirt that the flowers grow through is mulch of our ancestors that are supporting our growth in the present and future. One of my books I wrote is Raising Your Harmonious Child, decisions parents make today will have a hundred year shockwave going into the future. So my great niece has my great-great nephew and great-great niece, which she decisions she makes in 2020. If they live to be 80, they're gonna be living till 2100. So what messages does she want to give 2100? And I let her know this. And I gave her the book, everything You Do Today, will they say, oh my, my ancestors were jerks. Oh, they were horrible people. And will say, oh my God, they loved me. They nurtured me. They took care of me. Now I'll do that to their grandchildren. Great-grandchildren. Great. So every choice we make as a parent, and of course we're going to make mistakes, but I come from violently abused backgrounds. Luckily I've found forgiveness and compassion in my heart for them. Seeing what their lives were post World War II and all that, and the depression. But today, what happened in my childhood, they would be in jail and I would be in a foster home. By today's standards. The whole family would've been broken up. Of severe abuse, so times change, but those are the choices that everyone made. So many people, clients, I've done about 17,000 clients the past 25 years, so I discovered this in 1998. Here we're in 2023, my silver anniversary year here.

[00:15:07] Kathi Burns:

[00:15:07] Gary Stuart:
Yeah. Thanks. Thanks. I, when I commit, I really commit, but it is like we're birthing new consciousness. Every workshop, I have one tonight, we're birthing new consciousness. We're looking at our family system in a different way. Me being a battered child, what did I get? Sure I got pain, grief, blah, blah, blah. That's a given. What else did I get? I got tenacity, courage, fearlessness. Commitment to thrive. A fire in my belly that couldn't be put out. I couldn't be extinguished by my parents, even though that's what I feel they wanted. So what are the positives? Look at Oprah. Same kind of background. They didn't want her shoved her here, shoved they sexually abused this and that. If they knew they had a future billionaires, would they have treated that baby differently? Here's the kicker. Would Oprah be Oprah or me be me without the negative experiences? Somehow the human spirit thrives with adversity, and I think if it doesn't thrive, it dies. Lots of people die young. Oh, the child's had an accident, blah, blah, blah. You know what I mean? So I think the adversity fuels our success, our drive, our willingness to challenge any negative to make it positive. We look at it on a universal level, does the negative thing, you could say, dark matter behind me, between the stars, dark matter does the negative is the negative and necessary catalyst to push into the positive. So without that's like the mulch. The negative is the mulch. Wow. I am not gonna solve with this. I'm gonna make a change. I'm gonna do something. Boom, I'm gonna get proactive. And then you make the change. But it took the negative to stimulate your impetus to make that change and let go of something that didn't serve you.

[00:16:45] Kathi Burns:
Yeah, absolutely. It's a contrast. The contrast that makes you expand. If you don't have any contrast, you're just not going to expand.

[00:16:52] Gary Stuart:
You'll be neutral. You'll be floundering. Yeah. You'll be floundering.

[00:16:55] Kathi Burns:
It'd be completely boring anyhow. What's the most memorable moment in your career so far? Tell me.

[00:17:00] Gary Stuart:
Oh my God. I have hundreds. Hundreds. The, one of the biggest ones I was working with, one of the top sexual abuse psychotherapist in Los Angeles. She actually flies to all the courthouses to determine the sentence for sexual perpetrators nationally. So she's really well known and she brought a severely I can't say, The old way you'd say retarded, but now that you're not allowed to say that due to cancel culture or whatever it's called intellectual deficiency. And he never spoke since he was four years old. He was sodomized by his grandfather. As four years old, he was 22, never spoke his whole life. She brought him to the constellation with his foster mother. I put him in a chair. I turned his back to the constellation so he couldn't see me working with his mother and grandfather. We didn't act out any sexual stuff. No one knew this was the case. He was nonverbal. Mind you, nonverbals a key here. And we had his grandfather sat down against a wall and he felt like a helpless baby. So whatever the grandfather did to him, the great-grandfather did to the grandfather, obviously probably sodomizing at four years old is what the men did in this family system. Okay? All that's well and done. I said, you only have two still touches me. You only have two words to remember while I do the work behind you. He didn't even watch it. He just sat in the field backwards in a chair. I am innocent. I'm innocent. Just think those two words. I'm innocent. So it touched me still. The next day the therapist called me. I don't know what the hell happened. He's speaking in full sentences. Being non-verbal for 22 years to being coherent and speaking sentences. So we basically healed that four year old boy. Severe trauma that made him shut up out of terror probably. And overnight, she's, I've never, and she's a PhD psychotherapist on top of a sexual therapist. She, I've never seen results like this, so she started to bring a string of kids in feel alcohol syndrome, where they're They look like they have the dts, even though they're 20 years old. Their foundation was, the nervous system was shot. Really sweet kids. Shaken baby syndrome. That was quite interesting because they were blaming the father. No, they were blaming the who, whoever got blamed for shaking the baby and actually the father ordered the secret perpetrator was the father. 'because he didn't want to hear the baby crying. He didn't want a baby. So he made the wife shake it to the point of almost snapping its neck and he had severe neck injury, so he was challenged. From the brain. The brain stem in the baby's head. Now he's 20 years old. He is still suffering. So it shows you the kind of anniversary effect of infant trauma or any trauma, and it was such a privilege to help these kids.

Now the funny thing is happened a year later. State of California visits the foster homes, and he's been there since he was four or five years old now. He's what? He's probably about 26 now. 28. And he said, oh, how was traffic on the 1 0 1? Can I get you something to drink? Are you thirsty? They said, this is the boy that never spoke to us for the past 22 years. He's asking us for coffee and how traffic is, what happened to him, that he became normal. She said this is modality in LA called Constellation. Lemme write that. I've never seen such progress in any human being this lifetime. They never contacted me, but they the state of California was like mystified that he was a fully functional human being overnight, so that, that's one of my highest, most proudest things.

[00:20:41] Kathi Burns:
Yeah that's a really good story. A little bit too mystical for the state of California probably too.

[00:20:47] Gary Stuart:
Yeah. But the fact that they were that interested that they saw the effect and they couldn't believe it. I feel if you get the mitzvahs in heaven, I got one big one for him, and it was such an honor to support him and help him.

[00:20:58] Kathi Burns:
That's awesome. That's awesome. Looking back at your life, if you had to tell your 18 year old self something, what would you tell him right now? Knowing what you know.

[00:21:13] Gary Stuart:
Don't worry. You'll do good things.

[00:21:17] Kathi Burns:
Yeah. That's good.

[00:21:19] Gary Stuart:
My whole life, just personally, I felt lost, like I didn't know what to do. I've had many different careers, restaurant business, factory worker, restaurant business. Then I ended up doing standup comedy. That really floated my bow when I commit. It's a good 10 year commitment. It didn't work out. Not to mention that I didn't have the skills of public speaking from standup comedy. I sure did. But then it led to massage. I said, I give up, I'm a masochist at how I'll do something until I beat a dead horse, until it's nothing. I said, I'm not gonna get discovered in LA. Let me change gears. And I became a massage therapist. I was written up in magazines, and then I discovered that I had this other talent. And then when I discovered Constellation, I said I can't do massage forever, so I better morph into a facilitator thing. And but then when I look backwards now, there was a theme, a healing theme going on since I was 23 years old. But I didn't think of myself as that way on a healing path. I thought, I'm floundering. I don't know what I'm doing this lifetime. Oh my God, when and when I hit 30, I was very depressed. I said, my God, my life's half over and I don't even know what my career is yet. Outside of working for other people. And then once I hit 40, I'm, I said, okay, so be it. I didn't discover my purpose this lifetime. Then right before 50, I discovered constellations. Everything fell into place, all the skills I was working on, just added to my toolbox. And and then writing books. Now I'm an unpublished author with many books inspired by constellations. All the insights I get For humanity and pain and wisdom. So it's given me tremendous wisdom and couldn't be happier with that.

[00:22:55] Kathi Burns:
What I think is interesting is that the people that I speak with that have found their dharma so to speak, or found purpose, all their life experiences have led up to it and all that, all the life experiences are the toolkits they now use to do what they're doing. I'm a case in point. Everyone I interview is a case in point that's doing their purpose when they feel like they're on where they should be doing what they should be doing. It all culminates from all the past jobs.

[00:23:25] Gary Stuart:
Absolutely. But I couldn't see it while I was on the journey. And not now I can see it, how it all fits together. And this is just one part. When I die, I am on this spiritual exploration. God knows where I'm gonna go when I leave this earth, but I think I'm also developing those tools for the next lifetime. It had a couple mystical experience with a cancer client. I had just started Stunning constellations and she came to me. I was working at Top Spa. Oh, I was diagnosed with level four ovarian cancer. I said, oh, wow. So she got a massage for all the stress, and she said, we talked a little bit. I told her about ancestral stuff. She said I'd like you to meet my oncologist. And it happened to be that I knew the program director at Cedars-Sinai who wanted alternative healers to lecture to MDs. I had a lecture coming up at Cedars. He was in the first row. Now he birthed her, mind you, the way he's an oncologist now, but he was OBGYN 40 years ago when she was born. He birthed her. 40 years later, 45 years later. He went into oncology from OBGYN. So I did a consolation and he went to the lecture. He was sitting with his nice loafers and his white coat like this. I said, this guy hates me. And he said, Oh, I told him what I got during the massage. I said I didn't tell her, but I felt there was some hidden sexual abuse and I was already starting with constellations, but, and I had my own workshops, but that's just what I got from the massage. He said, you know what, there were two uncles. I always felt creeped out around whenever I was sort. He was gonna marry the mother, by the way. They broke up, she married someone else, and it's always been like the doctor uncle. Still part of the family, but the marriage never was to be, and there's a couple guys, blah, blah, blah. And so the second one I had asked her, I said, the doc, she said, oh, the doctor was wowed by you, blah, blah, blah.

And We ended up doing Constellation on it and she said yes. The only thing she remembered consciously was two black girls wanted to see what her genitals looked like at four years old and told her to take down her pants to see if the inside was the same color as theirs. That's the only thing she remembered at four. As far as sexual trauma, which isn't as bad as what I've seen from many other women, There was some dark secret somewhere. Those uncles probably did something to her at three years old, something like that. So anyway, she came in, she said starting my chemotherapy next week. So I want to get a massage before I go to Cedars for my first chemo. And the chemo people said, why are you so happy? They said, you have met Gary Stewart. I have such hope now. And she came in and when she said that, I saw a picture of whitening. Now mind you, it was. February in LA we don't get snow, but it was winter and she came in a spring dress that was all white with yellow and red sunflowers on it. Okay. When before she had booked her appointment, when she told me about the chemo, I saw a flash of white with yellow and red sunflowers. And I thought, why did I get that image? Then she walked in for the chemo day. She wanted to wear something bright and springy, not dark, and foreboding. And she had the dress on that I saw the image of. So it's like precognitive. The other thing that happened, I felt I was in a different dimension of my future life. Looking at me working with here now, presently was my past life, according to the future life. And it wasn't on earth. It was like Indiana Jones. I had the garb on, like I was an archeologist, spiritual archeologist. And I told her that. I said something that had funny happened. She said, you're not gonna believe this. I felt the same thing. I felt my future self was looking at my past self meaning you to guide me through this. It was talk about multidimensional, and I was just getting started. I hadn't even gone where I've gone now, so it's absolutely fascinating.

She died about a year later. She died about a year later, unfortunately. And I was on vacation. I missed the call and then her relative sent me the obituary. They said, you meant so much to her and I was just sick that I missed the call. So if you get a call from someone, do not. I was out of the country on, I think I was in Europe, and I just got back, I said, oh, I gotta get reorganized. And she had died a couple days after that call. So that was a big regret that I didn't call her to do a final check-in. I didn't know it was a final check-in, but.

[00:27:54] Kathi Burns:
Speaking of organizing, okay, and you can't get away without talking to me about how you stay organized yourself with your life and appointments.

[00:28:01] Gary Stuart:
I'm a one man show I should do. No. I have a web designer, graphic designer. I have lots of ancillary help around me 'cause these images and stuff, and I find images. Do you know you can always use the NASA image for free because our tax dollar is paid for it.

[00:28:15] Kathi Burns:
Oh, that's interesting.

[00:28:16] Gary Stuart:
Yeah. So it's always free if you give NASA credit or whatever. Yeah. So when I did my Oracle cards, constellation Oracle cards, which are on Amazon we use, most lazy people would use One Galaxy. We used 72 galaxies for card and had it roll over the front with the words of the healing words on the front of the card. What was the question again? I'm sorry. Staying in business?

[00:28:37] Kathi Burns:
How do you stay organized? Do you have any, do you have any secret weapons?

[00:28:40] Gary Stuart:
I have constant contact for the customer man. CRM, they call it customer manage constant contact emails. I really am a one person show, and it's big. I'm doing a thing in LA in September 16th, so they organized it for me down there. But I have my email list of LA clients, so I do my marketing and promotion because I like the, personally, I like the personal touch. people, me, I've been to the deeps of their soul, the deeps of their pain. I have people come up to me, I met you five years ago. We did this five minute exercise. My life has changed the past five years because you took five minutes with me. And I said I just was being present with what you needed. Healing doesn't have to take hours and sessions and sessions you can hit. I always hit the nail on the head. I said, if you want to screw around, go with someone else. If you want to go for the jugular and start your new life, I'm the person for you. It's let's do it. Okay. You're coming here 'because you're tired of suffering, so let's get to the bottom of the suffering. Give it back to who it really belongs to. 90% of the pain we carry is not ours. I put that on my website, Gary Stewart Healing. We're carrying someone else's pain that didn't resolve it in their lifetime and there's almost like a sole guilt that we have to heal the person, people who came before because they got a raw deal. So we got to carry the raw deal toward how dare we be happy. Typical example is Jewish people, and I found out I was Jewish too, so there's a whole other family secret came out 18 years into facilitation. Ironically from Lithuania, talk about full circle Uhhuh, repping back to the top. Back to the top of the show was I repping my own great-great-grandfather that I never knew existed from Lithuania.

[00:30:18] Kathi Burns:
Interesting. And it's Gary Stewart, s t u r a t.

[00:30:23] Gary Stuart:
No s t u a r t. Stewart r. But irony. Ironically, my ancestors were e w I think a census person in New England when they migrated from Scotland just changed the spelling. You know I, interesting. Yeah, so about 1800, it all changed the S T U, but for centuries I've got back 600 years in Scotland. S T E w Clan in Scotland. Famous clan actually.

[00:30:47] Kathi Burns:
Wow. Okay, so I know you have something to offer the listeners here.

[00:30:51] Gary Stuart:
I have a bow card. Should I paste it in or just send it to you by email.

[00:30:56] Kathi Burns:
A what card?

[00:30:57] Gary Stuart:
It's called a bow and release card. So like I was just talking about letting the pain of your ancestors go. It's a simple card that has its four instructions to do it. Thank you for giving me life. I leave your problems with you. I love and appreciate you. I wouldn't be alive without your suffering. Honor them and then you bow to them with gratitude. Then you turn around and walk away. So many people feel like a lift's been a weight's been lifted off their shoulders. Do you want me to put it in the chat or just email you after?

[00:31:28] Kathi Burns:
They need to have a download link for it. Yeah. So just send me the download link.

[00:31:32] Gary Stuart:
Oh yeah. It's on my website under bow card, but I'll forward it to you right as soon as we're done. So you can add it here.

[00:31:37] Kathi Burns:
Awesome. And then what I'll do is I'll publish it underneath the show notes for us.

[00:31:41] Gary Stuart:
Yeah. It's great. It works Every time. I made a beautiful graphic of the universe similar graphic to what's behind me now. It's really beautiful and it's so effective. And now it doesn't just have to be your ancestors. I get a boss at work that's driving me crazy. He's all over me every day. Joe Schmo, your personal problems aren't mine. I'm an employee. I leave the stress of what you're doing with you. I'm turning around and walk away, and I cannot tell you how many people have seen a change in those people by doing it. I can't tell you how many people, families, who were never told about the Constellation work, who said my family was totally different when I saw them again. So when we evolve one drop in the ocean, we're evolving the whole ocean. When one person gets to the bottom of the pain, this is the root pain in our family. I've released it in me, it's released. I personally believe seven generations back and seven generations forward. So we're really at the, what I call the point of power. And when we take charge and use that point of power, it affects all realities, all dimensions simultaneously.

[00:32:44] Kathi Burns:
How'd you come up with seven? Because I know that our body changes every seven years. What's the deal with the seven?

[00:32:49] Gary Stuart:
Native Americans say seven generations. Of course, we're a thousand generations, but generally for our timeframe, we're lucky if we know our great grandparents, which would be two generations, possibly three more. More people did not only know their grandparents or maybe their great-grandparents died when they were babies. So Native Americans, I think, coined the term seven generations before and seven gener. So Native Americans said, whatever you do now today will reflect seven generations. Both directions.

[00:33:18] Kathi Burns:
My husband's working on a project called the a hundred year Rule. Oh. What can you do? What can you do today that will leave a positive imprint on the world a hundred years from now?

[00:33:28] Gary Stuart:
Absolutely. And I, I feel that same way. That's what I do. 'cause I want that someone could transform pain into happiness, and it's not to diminish people saying, oh yeah, be happy. Pretend it doesn't exist. No, let's go to the depth of the pain and transform it. Like we said at the beginning, the yin and yang, the dark negative pushes into the positive and a lot of people are stuck in the dark negative, but we just, we push it forward so it evolves into the positive because they're interconnected.

[00:33:56] Kathi Burns:
Yeah. Absolutely. Thank you for your time. This has been, I'm always just just my head's going like that after I speak with you every time, so thank you. Thank you for showing your expertise. Showing Oh, absolutely. Hearing your heart. Yeah. And for those of you who wanna get in touch with Gary, go to Gary Stuart, s t u a r t. Com.

[00:34:17] Gary Stuart:
Oh, healing healing.com. Gary Stuart healing.com. Yeah.

[00:34:21] Kathi Burns:
Yeah. And then go back slash for the card and we'll put that link down below.

[00:34:24] Gary Stuart:
Yeah, I'll send it to you right now.

[00:34:26] Kathi Burns:
Thanks, Gary. Have a good one.

[00:34:27] Gary Stuart:
Oh, absolutely. Wonderful. Thank you very much, Kathi. Absolutely.

[00:34:31] Kathi Burns:
Until we speak you guys, we will see you then.

Hey, thanks for listening to this podcast. I hope you enjoyed this episode, and if you want to hear more, feel free to subscribe on the platform of your choice. Also, if you feel so inclined, I would truly appreciate a good rating from you to me. Have a stellar day.

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