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[00:00:00] Kathi Burns:
Hi there. I'm board certified professional organizer Kathi Burns. I'm really glad you're here. This podcast is designed for busy entrepreneurs just like you, who wanna take better control of your business and move forward with less stress and more success. If this is your first time listening, then thanks for coming.

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Hi everyone. I am so happy you're here because I am speaking with my good friend Karry Tepedino, and we're going talk about how to beat overwhelm, stop stressing out, and learn how to thrive and Kerry is a master at this. So welcome, Kerry, I'm so glad you're here.

[00:00:16] Kerry Tepedino:
I am so excited to be here. We have been friends for so long it seems and seen each other through so much and and I know you don't take lightly who you put in front of your audience, you're a mama bear with that. So I feel very honored to be here, so thank you for having me.

[00:00:30] Kathi Burns:
Oh, absolutely. So I knew a lot about you, but these people listening probably might not know that about that much about you, Kerry. So let's hear a little bit of your backstory on why you're doing what you're doing right now.

[00:00:43] Kerry Tepedino:
Okay oh my goodness. Great place to start and I appreciate that. So our friends can realize hey, I don't feel like I'm rock solid right now. I feel like I'm at rock bottom. I want to get rock solid too and so it, it helps to hear other people speak about their journey I feel. So many moons ago, so I've been in the personal development space for about 20 years, but what led me here is I was in a place in my own life where I didn't feel great about myself. My confidence wasn't great. My self-esteem wasn't great. I was working in overwhelm and stress, and I was also in this conversation of, wait a minute, like I thought my life would look different when I got to this point. I'm in my fifties now as in my thirties then. Even through my twenties I always thought it should look different than it did. And what I finally realized was my 50 pounds of being overweight, my disturbed relationships, my broke bank account, not having a career I loved, that all was an outside manifestation of me not having the personal development skills inside to really create the life that I really wanted to have. And push came to shove one night I really ended up in a come to Jesus conversation with myself and realize if I don't stop this cycle of self destruction, then nothing gets better from this place. Like I continue to go down this rabbit hole over and over again, and then wonder why nothing ever works for me. And so that night was really a wake up call. And there's more to that story, but in a nutshell, that night was really a wake up call for me. And looking back in hindsight, like I know that really it was a God moment for me that somehow got me up off that bathroom floor and decided to do whatever it took to find the mentors, to find the community, to get the strategies, get the skills to turn my life around. And so from that place, my business really birthed itself. The one thought away project really birthed itself because I felt like I cracked the code on my own uncomfortableness and then I just wanted to help other women do the same.

[00:02:50] Kathi Burns:
I love it. I love it. And we all get there overwhelmed because there's just too many choices out there and we're not confident to make any way forward. So talk to me another step that you did when you decided you were going to just break through and make change. What was your first step out?

[00:03:08] Kerry Tepedino:
For me the first step was letting go of thinking I already knew what to do. Or even, I'm a really smart girl, as but even if I knew what to do logically in my heart, I wasn't in the practice of what I knew to do. And so I was constantly short changing myself every day was another promise that I was, that I would make to myself about turning my life around or not eating that or exercising this way or doing work a certain way. And by night I had broken my promise in myself once again. So it was a constant cycle of dishonoring myself, breaking my commitments to myself, and then eventually just not trusting myself to be able to do anything to move my life forward. So a huge first step for me was letting go of control and finding somebody that actually could help me and had results that she had in her life that I really wanted, and then shadow what she did. Take the strategy, stay coachable even when it's not easy. I stayed coachable and I took her coaching right, and honestly, in the long run, investing my resources, my money, my time, and my energy into myself at that time, even though I didn't have the time and the money and everything, but in the long run it saved me so much time, energy, money, and heartache to take the big S for superwoman off my chest and to realize it's not a sign of weakness, it's actually a sign of strength to raise my hand and say, I need support.

[00:04:48] Kathi Burns:
Yeah, I totally agree. And I like the taking the S off your chest. We all try to be superwomen and we don't wanna say that we don't know what to do. And your advice of it takes time to make time. It takes money to make money even if you don't think you have the resources to launch or to do whatever you're doing. For those of you listening out there, You have to do it. There's no way around not taking action. If you don't take action of some sort and you don't invest resources of your time and your money, you're not gonna get where you want to be. So I think that's really good advice. If you had to look back until your 18 year old Kerry something, what would you tell her right now? Now that you know what you know?

[00:05:27] Kerry Tepedino:
Yeah. Oh, that's a great question. I would tell her to not let go of her dreams, right? So we have, I always say that dreams and desires in our hearts are like a lifeline to our souls, right? It's like they're there for a reason. And even though those dreams and those desires in that vision that we have in our life three years out, two years out, 10 years out, it might feel really big or how can I ever get there? Stuff like that doesn't happen for girls like me or whatever that conversation is from our childhood. Like they truly are there for a reason and nothing is put into our heart. Nothing is downloaded into our heart space unless there's a way to make it happen. And so what I would want to tell 18 year old Kerry, is keep going. Don't rip yourself off. Don't come this far to only come this far. Go all the way, humble yourself and allow yourself to be supported.

[00:06:24] Kathi Burns:
I think that's great advice, and I so agree with you about this, that I think every desire is a God gift. It's it's like an expansion wanting to happen, and if we have a desire, It's there for a reason. Even if it's a crazy desire, it's there for a reason and it's our own unique desire. So we're the only one that can really express it. I love what you said about that, and I resonate so, so deeply with that. So let's talk about One Thought Away. Let's talk about that because here we are you're getting ready the book launched. Okay. Yesterday, gang. The book launched yesterday. So let's talk about this book and your One Thought Away.

[00:07:04] Kerry Tepedino:
Oh my gosh, you guys. So this is what I want our friends to know who are here listening to us. And honestly, wherever you are coming into this conversation, you are led here for a reason. Trust that no matter what your current age, economics status, political status, shape, size, whatever. I promise you there is a nugget here for everybody and the One Thought Away Project. So I'm the CEO and the founder of The One Thought Away Project and the one Thought Away book just launched. You guys are some of the first people to hear just launched yesterday, and it really is a book for anybody who is ready to transform their lives, ready to be the person that they know they're made for more, they're, they just know that this isn't everything that I'm supposed to have. There's something more here for me, I just don't know what to do or how to get it. And and so we really focus on, first and foremost is what are you thinking? Because you are one thought away from having the life that you want to have today or not. You're one thought away from being healthy today or not. You're one thought away from being happy today or not. And so when we go in there and we really start to shift and change how you're thinking, and that is easier said than done, but we map it out in a way that is so easy to comprehend because your brain wants to hook into something. I am, I'm that nerdy girl that loves to study the brain, and I do all the brain research and all the mindset research around brain and your mind is going to hook into a plan. And so we want to be strategic about what plan we're giving our brains to hook into our minds to hook into and make sure that we're doing that by design and not by default. That life plan that your brain is hooking into, if it's something it believes, whatever your brain believes, cognitively believes it's got to prove itself, right? So it's even gonna be working you towards that idea or vision even when you sleep. So we wanna make sure we're feeding your brain what it is you wanna create for your life and who you want to be as a person you respect in the world. And so in the One Thought Away book, we really start to help you understand all the beliefs that maybe you have brought into your life up until this point, we debunk the ones that aren't working for you. We get rid of the ones that are not serving you. We open up this space to bring in that expanded thinking of what's possible for you and really show you how to master this mindset piece so that you really get that you are one thought away from having an extraordinary life or not. And the last thing I wanna say, the other thing I wanna say to about that, Kathi, before I pass it back, is the or not piece is really important because until we realize the impact of the or not, We don't really understand what it's costing us in our lives to not change how we're thinking, because how we're thinking is in direct relationship of how we're in relationship to our emotions, how we think, how we're in relationship to our emotions is absolutely impacting the actions that we take, the actions that we consistently take, become our habits. And then that is impacting our results a hundred percent of the time. So this thinking piece is, this mindset thinking piece is really important. And the or not, I want us to get in the book, we help you really get into the details of what is at risk for you to not shift your thinking. Like those dreams that you have on your life. The dreams to travel the world. Or to create generational wealth and then maybe create a nonprofit that helps something that's really passionate for you. Or to start a family or to heal a diagnosis or transform a diagnosis like that or not peace is important unless we're intimate with what it's costing us to stay stuck, we just have too much of a payoff in staying stuck because it's where we're comfortable. We either get a look good, be right, or play safe. And so really getting into, wow, if I don't change this way of being, this way of thinking, I honestly might make it to my deathbed and look back with regret.

[00:11:28] Kathi Burns:
We're not, if we change that thought I'm so with thought, thought word deed, what we think manifests, what we speak manifests and we generally speak what we're thinking. Unless we're holding it back or, we're thinking all this subconscious bad stuff and saying good stuff and it's, it negates itself. So I'm with you on that thinking about the, what do you think and do I want to think that way or do I want to think a different way? It sounds like a great little roadmap for those of you out there who are stuck and, going on that wheel of self-doubt. Being on that wheel of I don't think I can ever do it. This is a way to break through that and change, break through that barrier of your own mind, which is ironic in itself, do you think? Until we start paying attention to what we're thinking. The or not piece I think is pretty brilliant, actually. I've never considered it that way. There is a lot of, there is a lot of cost to being stuck and there is a great amount of cost to not paying attention to what your brain is saying. And your brain is your monkey mind, not necessarily your soul speaking. We listen a lot to that, I do believe.

[00:12:42] Kerry Tepedino:
And we, yeah, we call it the monkey in our community, we also call it the monkey mind. You know that little voice in the back of your head that's saying all the things that you know what if it doesn't work for you? Or what if you go for it and you fail? Or what if you actually succeed? A lot of people don't realize that's a legitimate fear. What do you mean? Why would I be afraid of success? You might be surprised, right? And so what we say is take the monkey mind, if you're in the driver's seat of your life. Or you're gonna get back in the driver's seat of your life, your life was a car. We're gonna take the monkey mind we're going to put it in the baby seat, the child's seat in the backseat. Strap it down with a seatbelt, give it a banana, and you get to roll down your window. Turn on your favorite music on the radio, whether it's, I don't know, whether it's spiritual music or AC/DC , whatever floats your soul and just sing at the top of your voice and get yourself back into the driver's seat of your life. Stop listening to the monkey. Give the monkey a banana. Take your control back, right?

[00:13:37] Kathi Burns:
Give the monkey a banana. Shut him up.

[00:13:40] Kerry Tepedino:
Shut him up. Give him up a banana. Give something to distract him. As I have a lot of young kids and so it's like I'm good with this piece, I know how that car seat works. I got that car seat down.

[00:13:51] Kathi Burns:
Yeah. I'm so impressed with you, Kerry. We've now knew other for a long time. It's funny that you said you're a brainiac because I met you when you were doing cranial sacral. You're a really good therapist, that was way back in the day. And you manifested all this stuff and you wanted to manifest the love, you wanna manifest the family, you wanted to man, and you've done it all. You've got like brilliant children now. You have twins, you have a, a toddler, a six year old, and you have a love of your life. And I'm just pleased to say that you've done it. So for those of you who are listening out there, I have watched a transformation and she rocks the world. She's grabbed it, she's done it. And so I think this book is really the perfect timing for a lot of people. A lot of people have been lost and they're in transition. I know that a lot of you listeners out there, you might have been in transitioning. This is an organizing podcast, so I have to say, Kerry, you're very, you get a lot done, girl. I don't know how . What is your favorite organizing tactic or hack that you use on a regular basis?

[00:14:50] Kerry Tepedino:
Are you talking about for time or space?

[00:14:53] Kathi Burns:

[00:14:54] Kerry Tepedino:
Okay. Oh, I'll give you one for both. Because I honestly believe that our space is a direct reflection of our mindset, right? So I am really clear that I love my space to be clean and beautiful and uncluttered. And you can tell I like a lot of whites, right? We do splashes of color. You can see a little pink in there. We do splashes of color, but. Even with three young kids, I still prefer white and people think I'm crazy, but it's just, it makes me feel good, makes me feel, in a sacredness. And don't hoard, don't keep things that aren't necessary. Don't even let it in the house. Don't take your pile of mail into the house. Just take in what you need that get the junk out of your mail even before you come in the door. Sort your mail before you come in the door, but not just the mail. The mail is symbolic for a lot of things, right? And I'm really adamant about also. At the end of the day, I have three wild childs, so my house can get messy pretty fast, and I, and they get to do that, right? Because they're kids and they get to have free self-expression. And I reset my stage, my house, I reset, set my stage at the end of my day when the kiddos are all in bed, and so I can wake up to the clean space again, right? My office is pretty much a kid free zone except for my eight year old's reading corner. And so my office is my space. For the most part because my twins are only two, so they're they're crazy. They get into everything. So that, that is my space tip that is just so important to me personally. And then the other thing that I would say is my time blocking, which is another method of organizing. And so I've organized my work time. Like I only have child support childcare support from seven 30 to four Monday through Friday. And so I really can't work past four. And in the morning, I'm taking my oldest at school and everything, so really I work like nine to four. And so I get to be super lasered focused in regards to my time because we have. We have multiple groups of women's group coaching running at all times. We usually have three running at all times. We I run a significant business and so I schedule time blocking, like I do certain tasks on certain days of the week, and I do certain tasks on certain weeks of the month. And so I'm very strategic how I manage my time. I don't say I'm going do a hundred things in Monday, like the book, I'm going say, okay, I'm going write the book in a day or in a week. But I would say, okay, can I do 500 words in a day or 1500 words in a day? Like I set myself up to win. I set myself up to win, but I also do get stretchy. I push myself to the next level all the time. I'm constantly staying the student. That is a space. Organizing my space and organizing my time and that's time and energy really. Time and energy are like, they're married, right? They go hand in hand. So I hope that helps somebody here.

[00:17:47] Kathi Burns:
Oh, I think a lot. And of course you're speaking my words. So it's all about time blocking. It's all about having space so that you can think clearly and actually get stuff done and not be distracted by other things in your environment. Resetting from the day is fantastic. Of course. So you wake up. Nice, clean slate. And you're proof that it works. You're living, testament to being organized.

[00:18:11] Kerry Tepedino:
Oh, thank you. I'm always working on myself. I will say if anybody, author, speaker, coach or anybody tells you that they have it all figured out, run for the hills, right? Like I am the first to say, don't put me on a pedestal. I really want women and I know you work with men and women and I love our men too, but I really want to help others be a hero of their own story. But I do openly share what I've learned that really works. But I think it's important. Like I'm Yoda, you're Luke Skywalker. Princess Leah. Like I'm just the guide for the women who come into our communities, right? And even the book is a guide, right? And you get to breathe inspired action into everything from the book or everything from our coaching programs, so that you learn that you can create a transformation in your life, not just once, but 10 times, a hundred times, however time many times you choose. And that is really you get to be the hero. Everybody gets to be the hero of their own story. Run runs the hills if somebody says they have it all figured out. Life is dynamic, it's organic, it's fluid. That would be wild, right?

[00:19:17] Kathi Burns:
We are all a work in progress, girlfriend. There's no one way to do anything is what I totally believe. Like one thing that could totally work for one person might not work for the other person. And that's why we all have different brains and that's why I think the or not is a great is a great example to just think of, Or not. This is my year of what if, what if that could happen? So I'd like to have, a mantra for every year. This is my year of what if, what if it could just be like that? Wow. Wouldn't that be cool?

[00:19:44] Kerry Tepedino:
Yeah. What if it's better than you ever imagined? This is my year of ease. And so not easy, but my intention is ease. So no matter what life brings, I get to recalibrate and okay, what, how do I get to go into this conversation or into this? Into this moment or this experience or this project from a place of ease. It doesn't mean it's easy, but ease. So that's my intention for the year.

[00:20:10] Kathi Burns:
Yeah. Water over a rock. Nothing better than now, right? Water over a rock does just go right down, make a nice, smooth, nice and smooth. Okay my next question, which I'm asking everyone is how do you celebrate your successes? What do you do to pause and celebrate success.

[00:20:28] Kerry Tepedino:
Oh my goodness. We celebrate all the time. Celebration is actually a huge part of our success formula and our community, but also my family. I feel like I'm celebrating every single day because I have, my house is full of noisy giggles and playing and, summer salts and all that stuff. So I feel like I'm in a constant state of success, celebration, I should say. But we're really adamant also with our clients and also with my team, very adamant. Like our team calls, we start with moments of success. Okay, what is everybody going be proud of? Let's do a round table and we start there first. We also do that work with our clients because the more we start to experience ourselves as somebody who can have follow through completion, energy, and success, you start to understand, wow, if I did that once, I could probably do it again. And so I'm really big on that. So for me it's, a lot of it is just putting words to it with the people I care about, like on our team our clients. And then with my family, I would say, Celebrating is it's very playful for me and with in this season of my life. It's very playful.

[00:21:35] Kathi Burns:
Yeah, absolutely. You've got little ones and they celebrate all day long their giggles, I love that. They know, they haven't learned not to celebrate and hopefully they never will.

[00:21:44] Kerry Tepedino:
Yeah, it's pretty interesting.

[00:21:47] Kathi Burns:
Okay, so you have a valuable free resource, and I know we're talking about the book launch here. So what's going happen with the people who are listening out here? What are we offering?

[00:21:56] Kerry Tepedino:
Oh my goodness, you guys, we have so much for you. So honestly, the book just released yesterday. Really, you guys are some of the first people to see it. And if you go to One Thought Away book, Dot com, one thought away book.com. And with the people who are getting the book right away we've putting in some visualizations to go with some of the chapters we're doing certain processes that we want to gift you with to really make sure that you're taking what you're learning in the book and you're applying it to your own life in a way that is not overwhelming, in a way that brings fast, easy, quick results, right? Like real shifts right away. And and we just really want you to be one of our first readers and get all those bonuses and gifts that come along with the book. Okay.

[00:22:45] Kathi Burns:
And I guess we have a 99 cent sale here for those who are quick action takers.

[00:22:49] Kerry Tepedino:
Thank you, Kathi. Yeah and for a limited amount of time, you guys, it's only 99 cents on Amazon, but I, yeah, you and get all your girlfriends to get it too. And I, this is a great book for men too, by the way. Doesn't matter which gender, it's genderless, but but I believe you wanna go to one thought away book first.com first, and then see what's on that page. And then but then of course, depending on when you hear this podcast, it's gonna be on Amazon, but right now, during the launch, it's only 99 cents. Please share it. Share it by 20 of 'em. Give 'em to all your girlfriends. And it's a, it's an amazing gift. The gift of life, the gift of happiness, the gift of feeling empowered in regards to one's life is one of the best gifts I think we could give our loved ones.

[00:23:35] Kathi Burns:
Absolutely love it. Absolutely. And that's very generous and everybody grab it while you can. 99 cents. Okay. For those that listening, you gotta take action really quick because I'm sure that sale will go away. We're working on breaking some records here.

[00:23:47] Kerry Tepedino:
Yes. Thank you you guys. So fun. And what that also does is that puts us in a deeper conversation together around the book. And we're going be, we're going be continuing to feed the first readers special things and nurture you as we, because we're just a new book it's exciting. And so we wanna really keep that fun and that connection. We want to hear your testimonials, we want to hear your stories. We want to highlight you as you go through the book and the visualizations and meditations and stuff that are tied to it. And and we want to celebrate with you what's going to happen by getting the book and reading the book.

[00:24:21] Kathi Burns:
Love it. Okay, gang. Thank you for being on the show. I so appreciate your time, Kerry, and it's good to reconnect. Take care of you guys. Until next week we will see you. And you guys have a fabulous week and thanks again, Kerry. Make sure to download her book, the links right down there.

[00:24:38] Kerry Tepedino:
Awesome. Bye everybody. I can't wait to hear your testimonies.

[00:24:43] Kathi Burns:
Take care.

Hey, thanks for listening to this podcast. I hope you enjoyed this episode, and if you want to hear more, feel free to subscribe on the platform of your choice. Also, if you feel so inclined, I would truly appreciate a good rating from you to me. Have a stellar day.

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