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“I had to learn that people can digest, you don't want them to over eat your information. Nobody feels good then. I had to learn about pacing myself and pacing my clients."


Kathi Burns  0:04  
Hi there, I'm board certified professional organizer Kathi Burns. I'm really glad you're here. This podcast is designed for busy entrepreneurs just like you who want to take better control of your business and move forward with less stress and more success. If this is your first time listening then thanks for coming.  The Organized Energized podcast is produced for your enjoyment and show notes are found at ThePodcast@OrganizedandEnergized.com.  Come back often and feel free to add this podcast to your favorite RSS feed or iTunes. You can also follow me on Twitter at organized energy and Facebook. All links are in the show notes. Now let's get into the show. Hi everyone, I am back with Debbie Dachinger and I'm so excited to have her as a guest on the show. I want to welcome you Debbie and thanks for being here.

Debbie Dachinger  0:55  
Yeah, Kathi. It's great to be here. Happy to play with you.

Kathi Burns  1:01  
Yeah, well, we will play and play. So tell me before you became who you are, tell me about your journey into entrepreneurship.

Debbie Dachinger  1:10  
Hmm. I had no idea is going to be here, that's first thing. Very interesting question because I was fully committed and aligned with being an actress and singer, I did it professionally. And something came over me. I mean, I was deep into my career. I had the biggest year ever. All of a sudden, I had a different feeling inside when I never had before. It spooked the crap out of me was like, what do you do with this, when all you've wanted to do is act and sing since you are like born.  I had to honor it because it wasn't going away and I honored it. I surrendered three years, three years, I had no clue what to do. But I let it go. I sang with a jazz band with a big band, I made jewelry and I sold it like I was doing entrepreneurial things. But it wasn't the it.  I was doing voiceover work. Suddenly I thought oh I'll get into radio and that will get my voice out there. Thank God, thank God, thank God, I did it because they got us. Because I was it was really the right thing to do. And that led me into writing books, which led me into becoming known as an expert being interviewed, which led to people this is 15 years ago, 15 years ago. People are coming to me then and saying how did you write the book? You teach me? How did you become an international bestseller? Can you do that for me? How are you being interviewed and positioning yourself? So literally a business was born just by me following the energy of doing what was right in light for me at the time. It created everything I'm doing today, both what I still do out in the world and what people come to me for.

Kathi Burns  3:00  
I love that story.  I think what you did you gave yourself the advantage of space to kind of figure it out. You don't have to know everything right off the bat, right? I mean, I don't think we ever do anyhow. But you started creating you started doing this, you started doing that.  How did you know that it was it? Once you once you kind of figured out what the it was?  What was that indicator for you?

Debbie Dachinger  3:25  
Yeah, the universe, the universe just was saying it was right because doors were opening and it was getting exciting. Like when I started doing things for instance, with Toastmasters during that time and speaking, I loved it. By the way, I was meant to do that. But not to be full time speaking it was because I needed that in my arsenal.  I needed to learn how to do it. Once I stepped into radio and doing a podcast so I I've been doing dear to dream with Debbie Dachinger for 15 years. Wow. Then I started writing books. It was this continual challenge and excitement, like a good challenge. What's the next piece was all about visibility. Being on a microphone, being on camera helping people leading people. I just found a love, like a passion.  I found that every time I served both groups and individuals, I felt so good because I could see them out in the world, doing great things and feeling a lot of ease being successful. I was like yeah, this is it just was working. So it was, I think a marriage of my passion and feeling like I was doing something that was serving my mission. I feel good.

Kathi Burns  4:46  
Your talents that were naturally there already are now in place for your new business. So I think that that's very important for people to remember is that your skills and your talents are things that you can do either easily are probably part of what your gift is in life, don't you think? I mean, we have the natural gifts. Maybe we don't know exactly what that is. But if we just start using them and give us it, give yourself the space, right? To listen about what people are saying. So when the universe responds, Yes, who do you know about that? Yes, Debbie, can you help me with that? Yes, Debbie. When you hear all these yeses, like, okay, something's going on here. This is something that maybe I found it. And I do believe to, like you said, it's the service thing. It's like if we can use our skills and talents for in service, or to help others expand. That's it.

Debbie Dachinger  5:44  
You know, I didn't know back then Kathi, I do now. But it was perfection. Because my human design, I don't know if you know about human design, my I'm a to four generator. If you know about human design, like I was literally doing what I was built to do, just be myself, have the gifts and talents, even though they got parlayed from entertainment into something quite different. Still, the raw talent was there. Then the rest of it was people had to need and come to me and ask for it and then I could fulfill the need. So I'm so grateful that I had some kind of smarts to just say, yes, a lot. I was baffled. Honestly, I was offten baffled, like, you want me to do what? Okay, I'll do that. And I would think, Oh, I'll just teach a class and we'll be over. I had no idea would become this industry. I really didn't. So I give a lot of kudos to to my innocence that, you know, I was just following stuff and it just kept working out.

Kathi Burns  6:46  
Yeah. If in doubt, just say yes. And see what what happens. Yeah. manifests. And you can say yes. I'm not quite sure about that. But sure,yes, I think.

Debbie Dachinger  6:56  
Yeah. And to a point, because I think sometimes we feel a doubt not so much doubt in ourselves, because that will crop up. We can supersede it and do it anyway. But sometimes there's this doubt. I would say that if there's enough in there, and it has like a wonky feeling. It's probably a no. I would hold back because you know, our energy is everything better to put it into something that's going to work out. But I always got kind of like curious, because I would think yeah, I could totally, I could rock that. I know, I could help you. I can get your book written, highly engaged. I'm not writing it. I'm going to show you how. I can I can take your book to bestseller. Yeah, we could do that. It became very exciting, very challenging, because it was never the same write a book is never the same. Probably a piece of that is very important to me that nothing I do is cookie cutter. It's always based on the person and I need that element of change. That's really good for me.

Kathi Burns  7:59  
Yeah, it's really it's, it's critical for me as well, as an entrepreneur, it's got to be different every time and there's no one way to do anything. Yeah, for sure. I get you on that. So we landed your first book client, talk to me about that story at it. How did it happen? How did you find this person? Or how did this prison find you? And what happened?

Debbie Dachinger  8:21  
I was found, I was often found in the beginning. I'll tell you that it was beautiful. By word of mouth, she recommended me to other people, thankfully, and a big group of people. So more and more people were coming. Then the organization was saying can we work with you? It was a beautiful flow. So for whatever doubts I had about what I was doing, it just the universe just kept encouraging me, the one thing I did wrong, that was I over delivered, I wanted to give people everything, give you everything, so you never need me again, there really was a feeling about that, like I wanted them to feel so complete. And what I learned is people actually felt overwhelmed. So they were getting the results. They were getting the information, and then some.  I had to learn that people can digest, you don't want them to over eat your information. Nobody feels good then. So I had to learn about pacing myself pacing my clients. That was a big lesson. Otherwise, just the other lesson for me was believe in yourself, like keep going forward. It was a great experience. I was grateful it opened a ton more doors for me. And then caused me to look at these other pieces of visibility that I was working on and say yeah, I need to really investigate these because people would often say, Aren't you too busy? Isn't a too much. How do you handle all that? I actually felt it was this perfect, beautiful marriage, and nothing was too busy. Everything just flowed exactly as it should. You know, the best seller thing, I've got a whole team. So I'm not laboring to produce what I produce, I've got a really amazing system. So I have systems that work for me, that's super important. And then the way I disseminate often I do a private clients, but I like to do a lot of groups because it's easier to reach more people. So I just started to learn as I went along, all these things that would help me and the other people coming so that we got the best results.

Kathi Burns  10:29  
I think as young entrepreneurs back when we first start, we want to over deliver, because we're still not quite confident of that we're really all that right. So we over deliver, but then what happens is our clients do get overwhelmed, especially in my industry, and then they can't take action, because they're just too overwhelmed. There were a mobilizing them in mobilizing them as opposed to mobilizing them, because they just get locked down. So yeah, that's a good really good advice and having systems put in place, of course. So what's your favorite organizing system? Talk to me about that Deb.

Debbie Dachinger  11:06  
Organizing system. You know, right now, I think Thinkific is, I use that platform. I love it.  I can use it for and of course, they're growing, by the way, they're getting better and better. I should have an affiliate link right now. Yeah, they don't actually even have affiliate links right now. It's a great platform, because all of my courses are up there. That's first of all. Second of all, as I build things real time, like, I have an ongoing book writing group, they're called the visible visionaries. They have a private platform on Thinkific. I meet with them twice a month. Every time we're done, everything from that particular course gets uploaded for them. Now in the future, that may become something or not. Then I can shoot live, right, you could do live zooms on their live classes, live webinars there and immediately become something else. They're just doing a new thing with your sales page. They're always there, they're thinking a lot ahead.  I have to say, I think their customer service is excellent. I when I wrote write to them on their support page, within two days, I hear back. It's not one of those really frustrating things like asking more questions, or go to go to our FAQ page, and you just want to hit someone go You think I didn't do that? I spent 30 minutes like out here, Help a brother out, you know, I'm paying you, man. So they're awesome. Because what they'll do, they'll send you little videos and step by step how to really look into your dashboard and how to answer it. I need that. Or if I have a client, like or somebody bought something from me, and they've got a question about it, I go right to them. And they answer it. It really is like having part of my team there. That's what I consider them. So highly recommended my favorite system.

Kathi Burns  13:10  
Okay just for you listeners out there. And we'll put the link in the show notes for you as well. So you can check it out. Okay, great. What's the one lesson that your business has taught you over the years that you think everybody should know, as a business owner as an entrepreneur?

Debbie Dachinger  13:28  
Oh, girl, pivot, pivot pivot, really. Because nothing stays the same. Social media platforms change their matrix change the way of doing business like case in point. You know, can I get an amen? You all learn stuff, right? And horrible. See things being done out there. It's like, oh, my gosh, there are people are driving traffic, people creating sales, they're doing launches, this is working. And we'll learn how to do it. We'll get on the bandwagon, and we'll do fine. Then bam, your business hits a wall. Why? Because people become inundated, and they become Switzerland. They're neutral. They don't want to do it anymore. and they're out. We have to constantly find new ways. The two things I do personally, I have a lot of discernment. I do not jump on any bandwagon. I just can't. Like, I get a feeling about stuff and some things. It's just, you know, the EKG is flatlining. I'm like, it's not for me. Every so often, I will get something like, I know I need to learn that and I know I need to implement that. The other thing I do is I play around with things that present themselves. Right now I'm playing around with something called next door. So in every neighborhood, right, there's something called next door you could buy and sell things. So there was a group, and I just introduced myself and said, hey  I am new here. It's really great to meet everybody. And, and this is what I do, I very briefly, only one piece recommended, you know, I do this book coaching, if you guys have any questions or want to know anything, you can DM me, boom two people. Like that week, I had calls with becoming something and that's like, so interesting. They also have a business page, you could set up a business page there, which I've done. So you have to have three recommendations, by the way to, for them to post your business page. Make sure you have three people write a recommendation, that's just one example. But in in pivoting, I find new ways for new blood, I just do and I trust that the people who are supposed to come to me do always perfect clients.  I recently set out and send out an email to some of my database just saying, you know, how are you checking in? What's going on for you? Do you want to have a call, you want to jump on a call, I'm amazed how many people don't take you up on it's like, really, I would. But the people who did, we've been setting up zooms together, and it is amazing, to connect with them, and find out what's going on and have them tell you your challenges. At the very least when people tell you your challenges, boom, there's the pain points for your business, if you're writing copy, like it's really a win win. Of course, I make sure that every one of those zooms, people leave. So if you want to get on my database, go to W -air.com because I'm doing it, I'm going to send it out again in a couple of months. I first of all, I just love connecting with people I really do. Second of all, I make sure everybody leaves with something they needed, that they feel like wow, I connected with Debbie. And that was really a nice experience. She actually introduced me to somebody or sent me something or gave me this advice that changed what I'm doing. That's important to me. So that's those are just examples but I experiment.  I think it's really important. Personal stuff.

Kathi Burns  17:21  
It totally is. And there's always new stuff. And for those of you that don't know, nextdoor.com I think it's a great resource. I've been on it for quite some time I found my cat, people, animals all the time. And it's good for business. And it's good for neighborhoods, it's just people in your neighborhood, that can that can help you in one way or the other that you can help them. So that's a great resource and we'll have that down below as well. So tell me about a time when you felt stuck and overloaded and overwhelmed. And what do you do to get your mojo back? I know we all experience things like that. We're just like, exhausted?

Debbie Dachinger  17:58  
Yeah, I used to feel that a lot. I used to not know how to push away from my desk. It's so interesting, because like the bubble over your head, the person, the soul being inside of you, who loves you is like, It's seven o'clock. I don't think this is healthy, like you've been added since ah. I would still go and still go and still go. At some point, I just decided that entrepreneurship had to be different.  I was going to commit to that, that it was going to be a very healthy version, instead of the really messed up version that most of us are used to if you want to finish that to do list, here's what it has to look like. I literally made this commitment to myself, no matter what I am finishing five o'clock, there's a couple of times, rarely, and I mean it rarely, I might go till six. But in general, between five o'clock, I'm done. Period, I push away from the desk. I do take a lunch every day, I take a nap or meditation every day. So I started building things in that meant that it was going to look different. And you would think oh my god, well, what do you do, you don't get things done. I'm telling you a contrary action creates magic. Doing all those things on my behalf just opened up all this space and capacity to complete things. The other thing was no weekends. I was doing all weekends. It was just sad. Sad. So yeah, I stopped and I'm, I'm probably getting more done. It's just easier.

Kathi Burns  19:45  
Well, they've said that too. I mean, in all the case studies that they're doing with people who are working for four day business weeks as opposed to five they generally get as much done or even more and I think by giving yourself breaks by having eat lunch, by doing a meditation in the afternoon, you're more clear minded and easier to get things done. So kudos to you. Everybody should use that tip. By the way, girls, if you're feeling overwhelmed and burnout started taking time for yourself and make yourself stop working, because your boss is not mean contrary to what you might think.

Debbie Dachinger  20:20  
That's a good point. That's a really good point. Because you are your boss, you are the CEO, you are the board members. And yeah, you may have a team, but it's like, you know, nobody. You have to have a life outside of your business. You must, you must have, we're here to have fun, mostly. Besides making a living that you love, I think it's so important to build and fun and things to look forward to. It's very important, like I know, and by the way, I know it seems impossible in the moment if I do this, nothing will get done. I get it. I totally get it. But there's also something to be said, like, I could show you my to do this. It's right here and I finished what was important for today. That's one piece of paper and then the other one is this ongoing to do list. So I'm checked and now here I am with you late in the afternoon, tada. What do I wish these were all done? Yeah, awesome. But they're not the other list. And it's okay, because I know tomorrow what my day looks like, and I know, I can absolutely. If I could check one of these off, because they're big projects, by the way, they're not little things like make a call. I'll be thrilled. And I know, I'll be deep in that project and the rest, it's okay. I often will look at my to do list and say, does that really need to get done? You know, if I get to that in April, I'm going to live because actually that not the thing with number one next with that project, that's everything. So I'm really clear about giving myself the space with that, too. I'm not mean no mean bosses.

Kathi Burns  22:07  
Very important. Don't be a mean boss, and have your priorities clear. Okay, so you have anything I know that you we can go to your website, we can find out stuff about the anything that you're going to offer the listeners here, your free resource that they can download, listen to upload, do whatever they want with?

Debbie Dachinger  22:26  
Yes, I do. Because I want people to feel like they can be visible I think being visible. If I may just talk about the importance there. If you write a book, or and I want to give it an or and AND OR because not everybody wants to and that's, that's okay, you got to follow what's right and light for you. I do think most people, everybody should be interviewed. Why? Because there's a niche out there for your subject. There's over 2 million podcasts right now in 150 languages, countries, and there's a subject for everything. And if you will learn how to do that. That makes your job like all those late nights and weekends will be done. Because your tribe is finding you every time you're on a show speaking to 10,000 people at a pop. If you do it five times in a month you just reached 50,000. You couldn't even do it if you spoke from stage unless you're Tony Robbins. Right. So like, honestly learn how to do it. So you get results when you do it. I have a free gift that takes people through there's templates, there's videos, and it's a Debbie dashinger group. com slash gift. Because I think coming out of COVID, talk about pivoting. Everybody learned if I'm not online, if I can't be seen and heard right now,  if I don't know how to find my tribe and have them find me, yeah, people suffered. So going forward, like learn how to do this have this in your tool belt. It's a wonderful tool that creates ease.

Kathi Burns  24:08  
Yeah, you can work for anything and anybody. I agree with your there's so many podcasts that there's at least 1234 or maybe 20, that would like your topic that you are an expert on that you can speak about. So for sure. That's a good download. Okay, and the link will also be below in the show notes. If you didn't write that down fast enough. You can grab it in the show notes. So go for that. Okay, is your one question that we should have talked about or anything that I should have asked you that we haven't touched on yet?

Debbie Dachinger  24:38  
I will just say the question might be something I've done recently in my business that I'm so proud of are created a difference and it's a funny one. But I went through I took a look at my database, my emails and names and I literally for the first time I was like, who is not engaging? Who just lets my newsletters, even though they don't come all the time I do that purposefully. But I'm like, well, who's completely disengaged? Because that's like saying, shui. I feel like I'm carrying dead weight with me. I know everybody thinks, oh, database numbers are so important. Well, you know what, I think engagement is more important. So I went through the dead weight completely disengaged people, and I disenfranchise them.  I deleted them from my database.  Kathi, it felt so good, because I thought, first of all, just like feng shui when you clear up clutter, and you have good lines, and you know, write things in your space, that's what I just did. I feel like now I created space for the right people to come in, who are interested in what I have to offer.  I just feel like all the energy that was if it was in any way, an obstacle or a block,bye bye, you know, you don't need to be carrying you forward. So that felt really good. Like, literally, I press the button, and my energy felt poof, so freed up right away.

Kathi Burns  26:12  
Yeah. Yeah, you don't need to carry the dead weight in any way, shape, or form. But definitely on email list of people who aren't reading or opening who cares, right doesn't really matter. It's good feng shui. So and that's a great tip. And of course, it went into my organizing area. So I love you for that.

Debbie Dachinger  26:32  
Absolutely. That's why you do what you do. That's right.

Kathi Burns  26:35  
That's right. All right, girl. It's been pleasure. It's been real, and I always enjoy speaking with you. So make sure everybody listening, check out Debbie's website, and we'll talk to you next week. And meanwhile, Deb, thanks so much.

Hey, thanks for listening to this podcast. I hope you enjoyed this episode. And if you want to hear more, feel free to subscribe on the platform of your choice. Also, if you feel so inclined, I would truly appreciate a good rating from you, to me. Have a stellar day.

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