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“Success doesn't mean you have to get there by taking advantage of people, walking on people, or doing anything that's negative around that. Successes are around how many people you lift up along the way."


Kathi Burns 0:04
Hi there, I'm board-certified professional organizer Kathy burns. I'm really glad you're here. This podcast is designed for busy entrepreneurs just like you who want to take better control of your business and move forward with less stress and more success. If this is your first time listening, then thanks for coming. The Organized Energized podcast is produced for your enjoyment and show notes are found at ThePodcast@OrganizedandEnergized.com. Come back often and feel free to add this podcast to your favorite RSS feed or iTunes. You can also follow me on Twitter at organized energy and Facebook. All links are in the show notes. Now let's get into the show. Hi, everyone, I'm here today to speak with Colin Sprake. He's an expert in human psychology and human physiology. He combines both of them to create outrageous results for his clients. Today, we're going to talk about how to shift your inner vibration to achieve the outer world result you want. I'm excited about this one. Welcome, Colin, it's good to see you.

Colin Sprake 1:09
Great to be here Kathi and great to support you and your audience as well.

Kathi Burns 1:13
Absolutely. So talk to me about your backstory. How what have you done prior to this new career?

Colin Sprake 1:23
I can tell you one thing. For me, it's super interesting is that, if you looked at me and my past and what have you, many people would think I would never ever be successful in any way shape, or form, because of like, PTSD and bullying, and really some real tragic stuff that happened to me as a child, and as a young teenager. Kathi was, for me, one of the most life-altering things and will probably shock your audience. At the age of 14, I attempted suicide twice. People said to me wow, you know what happened? I said it doesn't matter what happened. But from there, I got to meet a mentor that is actually from Canada. And because I was living in South Africa at the time, never thought I'd end up in Canada. Now I live down the street from him, which is even crazier. That changed my life again and put me on a trajectory that got me to understand that you know what, anybody can be successful. You know success is not determined by events that happen in your life. Success is determined by how you perceive those events. A lot of people's perception sometimes is delusional, around where they're at, and what's happening. My goal is to bring some clarity to people to really understand that no matter what your situation, you can be successful, you can be financially abundant. At the same time, you start to get to really realize that your life is full of stories that are either serving you or hindering you. The saddest part is so many people live in stories that will never get them to where they want to be.

Kathi Burns 3:05
Absolutely, and 14 years old is a really weird time for us as humans, I think it's a really tough time. I remember that I had, experiences similar when I was at age and but I still agree that we grow from all the stuff that happens to us. We grow by letting go of the stuff that really doesn't serve us just like you said, you know, you can choose to write the story around and glow in it and groove in it and laying it for a while or you can move on and create a new story for yourself. So sounds like that's exactly what you did. I think that's fantastic that you live right beside your mentor right down the street. So talk to me about that. How did it happened? How did you find this person? Probably angelic just came into your life right when you needed it?

Colin Sprake 3:59
Yeah, well, I've only realized how divinely guided everything is at that age, it would have been a lot easier. It was for me, Kathi, really interesting in the sense that I went, I started searching, I was like, if I don't get help, I might not make 15 who might make 16 years old or whatever. So I started to search and it was very interesting when I say divinely guided, I got to meet this gentleman. He was on a book tour to South Africa when we had all the restrictions of having nobody foreign in the country. I don't know how he got in and what have you with all the major restrictions and different things we had in the 70s 80s and 90s. He got in, I went to his event and sat there, his name is John Kehoe, an incredible human being. I bought his book called Mind Power. I realized that was the start of my journey to where I am today. I've been doing Mind Power now for, oh, my God must be 35 years, and really have got to a place where I got so well honed, that I realized too, for me, Kathi, the journey is 100% about what happens between your ears, it's for everything you do, whether it's business or career or whatever. It's the stuff that happens in your head that either drives you forward, or you fall back on, or you die on. A lot of people don't get that. For me, it was the start of my journey with John Kehoe, more super cool to come to Canada 25 years ago, and after being here for a few years, he was always in my heart because I always remembered him. And then I started being on the speaking circuit and helping train people and just care that people get ahead. I looked him up and realized he was just up the road for me. I reached out to him, I took the book with me that I got when I was 14 years old. I took the book I'm like, isn't this picture very different pictures in the picture in the book versus the person, the picture today, because hold on, that pictures like 30 years ago. So of course, he was quite a bit older than me, it's probably 15 or 20 years older than me at the time and it was super interesting to get to meet him. I've become an author as well so we've got to really share some really great stories. He's been on stage with me now at different events. I went to one of his most special events when he had been speaking for I think it was 50 years. He invited me to his 50th anniversary. He said, Colin, I have to have you there, because you're one of the most impactful stories I've ever had of where you were, to what happened to where you are today and now that's both working together. So really cool story, Kathi, in terms of, he's a great human being. I think that's a key nugget for all people is really successful people, mentor others, and they do it genuinely, there are lots of people that are successful, that don't really want to mentor other people, and they are really questioning their level of success in terms of who they are and how they do things.

Kathi Burns 7:20
I totally agree with that. In fact, I was just speaking about that with a colleague, that the most successful people are the ones that you are able to reach out to them and they're receptive is it have the coach of success, that are less able to reach out to them, they're less open and receptive to helping. I think that we become super successful by offering our help to people who need it, just like your mentor did for you, and what a thrill for him. I'm sure when you showed up on his doorstep with the old tattered book, saying I need your autograph because this is how you've touched me. That's fantastic. What a really good story.

Colin Sprake 8:04
Yeah, super good. I think that's the part of what kindness is all about. Success doesn't mean you have to get there by taking advantage of people, walking on people, or doing anything that's negative around that. Successes are around how many people you lift up along the way.

Kathi Burns 8:24
Absolutely, that's what it's all about. So talk to me about your life work now. How are you helping people? Just tell me some stories.

Colin Sprake 8:34
I think I've been on a journey. I don't want to get into the whole what's happened in the last two and a half years. But the last two and a half years have been an absolute blessing for me, in the sense of, it's given me gave me food for thought. It really got me super clear on I'm not on a search, I want to find happiness, whatever. I don't believe you ever find happiness. I don't believe you find abundance. I don't believe you find your passion or your purpose. People are like, what do you mean you don't believe that you find those? Because none of those are external to you. They're all inside of us. So our happiness, our passion, our purpose, everything's inside of us. We're so busy looking out and hunting for this thing that we want to find. You won't find anything. One of the key pieces for me and I'll share this with you was one of my mentors said to me, Colin, what is the purpose? I said to him, I don't know. What he said, Well, I'm gonna go to another meeting, I was in his office. So I'm going to step out quickly to go and see somebody down the passageway. It's gonna be about 10 minutes, I'll be back I want to know what purpose is. He came back and I gave him my answer. He was like, you see, everyone's hunting for something I'll never find. He said, you know, purpose is when you wake up in the morning, and you feel like there's a cable attached to your chest and just pulling you forward, that you cannot stop yourself. That's purpose. When you know, it's like how do I get out of bed with a bounce in my step? You cannot stop yourself. My favorite word is not happiness. My favorite word is how do you find fulfillment? Because I think when we are fulfilled, the byproduct of fulfillment is happiness, which is such a big thing for me. So my life journey now is really, this last two and a half years have been what I consider some of the saddest parts of your watch for humanity. How much anger, fear resentment, you have anxiety and mental health issues now that are more of a pandemic than anything else? Imagine if we had taken two and a half years and put it around love, kindness, sincerity, and genuineness, where would this world be, it would be in a very different place. So my life work now is really about helping people understand how to bring more loving into business, how to be more loving to your customers, bring back community, because we are searching for community. For the longest time, can we see you on a zoom call? You know, my new coin phrase is- We're just a bunch of zoomer now, not humans. And it is just, it's crazy. Funnily enough, I'll launch a brand new product now, tomorrow. The hardest part is launching the product in half my products already sold. Because people know it's been coming for a long time. And it's something to help people really understand that we're all designed to be prosperity. We're all designed to be financially abundant. We're all meant to be healthy. This product is designed to help people get back to that, get back to who they're meant to be. Understand that we have a lot of societal cultural pressures that say we have to be in a certain way. It's time to own your humanity, as each individual should not be so influenced by other people. I like the word feels like controlling your humanity, hold the space for you to understand what you should be doing on this planet. You know, we had a statistic that came out today, Kathi, which actually saddens me, where they say 25% of Canadians in the workforce are no longer living paycheck to paycheck, there's not enough paycheck. Yeah, there's 25% of our workforce. That's horrendous. I just love bringing people to understanding that we control our destiny, our thoughts, what we say, the stories we tell ourselves, which all influence our inner vibration, which completely impacts our outer world results. And my goal is to help people realize that we no longer need to blame anyone for where we're at. We need to take responsibility for where we're at, own who we are, own our vibration, and change this world.

Kathi Burns 8:35
Yeah, I'm with you on that for sure. Let me back up. I want to talk about your new product that's launching here. You said that you're not here to find your happiness or find your fulfillment or find your purpose. Would you consider that you would just need to uncover it and discover it because it's been there all along?

Colin Sprake 13:24
So here's an interesting one for me. I think we all have a deep calling inside of us we don't listen to. I think this might be too woo-woo for some people listening today. But the thing for me is, I believe in our soul, our soul knows what it came here to do, and deepens our soul. You just know Kathi, when you are fulfilled, you can call it uncovered. It just happens, just so happens where all of a sudden you wake up one day and you're like, something's pulling me forward, and I cannot stop myself. It's because it's just, that you're now listening to a song and moving forward in the direction you want to go in. So I look at myself not really promoting the product. Yeah, but the product itself is so awesome in the sense of it's a product for me that I've been wanting to develop for years, it's my legacy product, it's a product that will be will go work for millions of people long after I'm gone from this planet. My goal is to leave this planet with more love in it, more care more understanding, and more respect for each other. If we can all be more loving towards each other, loving to what we do, Kathi, oh my god, this planet would be a different place.

Kathi Burns 14:38
Yeah, and I think that this has been such a time of turmoil for the whole world. But I always think that before there is a big shift, things have to happen. It has to hit the fan, so to speak. I remember I was in Barbara Marx Hubbard's consciousness conscious gateway program a long, long time ago because seeing the shifts gonna happen, the shifts going to happen. But I think that things have to fall apart before they can fall together or fall, there needs to be space for the new stuff to emerge, like more love, more compassion. We can now feel how much everyone's hurting. So then our love pours out more freely. As a person who is a big proponent of space, you know, when there's extra space available, there's new space for things to burn themselves, be a genuine, that bigger, larger, deeper concern and love and caring throughout the world. So I'm with you on that. So talk to me about the product. Okay, now let's hear it.

Colin Sprake 15:40
Yeah. So yeah, it's super interesting. So the products call Awaken Your Brilliance Results System, it's been 20 years in development. It's all around physiology and psychology. It's not a journal, it's a two-part system if you want to call it that the two books. One is really what you need to do on an annual basis and the other one is what you need to do daily. There are daily processes for the morning and daily processes for the evening. It takes about honestly, you can do it as little as five minutes in the morning, five minutes in the evening. And who can't find 10 minutes in a day to look after themselves, once you really start to get it. I think I did 35 minutes in the morning. And I'll do probably 10 or 15 minutes this evening. So it's really looking at follows a system of all the pieces that Kathi will look at it, a lot of information that's out there. It's like these individual threads that you go from one place to another place. And you get this thread of information, which is valuable, but nothing really weaves it together into a map that can really support you. I decided to take all these pieces got searched for years, I've spent hundreds and hundreds of 1000s of dollars on events and seminars and retreats and whatever, which are awesome. And I got lots from them. But I still felt there were pieces missing. So I said how do I bring this all together? So when I started creating it, I mean it's been tested now for probably over five years, maybe six years, we've been testing and then moving pieces around. So that is really starting to work for people. And a very good friend of mine Dawson Church, I gave it to him he's like columnist the most comprehensive flow of reprogramming the human brain I've ever seen. Because once you reprogram the brain, the body comes in alignment with a two, and then all results change. And that's what I've been busy with for holy moly, actually over 20 years now, Kathi, but now that product, it's two pieces of people like is there an app I'm like, I want people so far away from technology. Because, you know, there's been there's actually studies now, I've seen the studies, I've seen the correlation of smartphones and teen suicide. It's a direct correlation between teen suicide with the launch and growth of smartphones. I want to keep everyone away from that where you can be in some jungle you can be anywhere in the world, hey, what's the Wi Fi whatever. Colin, I couldn't do my awaken your brilliance results system, because there was no Wi Fi. This is handwritten because there's a process in our brains that lots of people have lost over the last 10 to 20 years. Because they lost maybe it's gone dormant. Remember muscles atrophy. So handwritten, yeah, but handwritten, tangible stuff is really what's important. So they say that 20 to 22% of what our brain learns, is tactile, little thumbs up and down like this is not tactile. So we need to feel stuff, touch stuff, whatever. I hope to God, whatever happens, we don't get rid of all stores and everything just gets bought online. Because there's a tactile piece that is so important to people's hands with handwriting. We've got a member a part of EBC that wrote one of the books called The Power Of The Other Hand, there are some really cool pieces that people don't understand that have come together in the system, just to help people. Get the old people to be old principles want people to be healthy, and want people to be financially abundant. There's no reason for them to be in the situation they're in. Yeah, of course, then eventually get on governments to change direction, change their mindsets, as well.

Kathi Burns 19:36
Yeah. And I love the fact that it's a handwritten thing. I just love to write myself and I knew that it solidifies in my brain when I write something down. It also solidifies it in my brain and I can remember it easier. Because again, I am a tactile learner. Big time. I mean, some people aren't that tactile motivated, or learning. But it's interesting that you said that 22% of our learning comes from tactile learning. Okay, that's interesting. Yeah, I know that based on what I do as a profession, I really take into consideration how people learn easiest, and how each of my clients processes information. I know for me, it's checked off for sure. My husband can sit on the computer, and he can show me all the stuff to do. But if I'm not doing it, I do not learn it. I cannot watch him and learn how to do it is just impossible for me. Yeah, so that's really good. So I'm excited about this product. And I'm sure that we'll have a link below it. But meantime, let me ask you a couple more questions. So if you had to say that you received a really valuable piece of advice, either about your life or your career, or you as a person, what, who gave you the advice? And what did they say to you?

Colin Sprake 20:59
I think I'm forever learning. I love learning every day and I love implementing I'm a big fan of that, like, always love the statement. You know, knowledge is not power to any potential power. It's what would you do with it that's powerful. I think that you for your listeners, the one thing that has really stood out for me over the years being in business and over time of doing things is that relationships are an important part to everything, relationships, in business relationships, at the office, if you're in a in a career, relationships, and love them, marriages, family, whatever might be. My favorite piece of advice I ever got was if the relationship is difficult to start, it doesn't get easier. That's one of my favorite pieces that I now teach everybody. Someone's like, Colin, I'm getting busy doing this business partnership and we're just getting into it and it's not going well. I'm like, it's not gonna get any easier.

Kathi Burns 22:02
Yeah, you're looking for water over a rock, you're looking for ease and flow, right? And if it's like this, this. It just brought to mind whenever you're talking about relationships, one of my mentors, choose his business partner chose his business partner because his business partner had been successfully married in a loving relationship with his wife for 30 years. And he said that says something, if you can find someone who's been in a successful relationship for a very long time, they're probably relationship-oriented, and might make a good business partner. I thought that was really smart advice and really savvy on his part, because he was only in his really early 20s, whenever he joined a partnership with this gentleman who was much older than him. And I thought that was very astute thinking.

Colin Sprake 22:54
You look at it from that perspective, I look at it from my own perspective. I mean 10 days from now is my 25th wedding anniversary. And it's my first one, so I'm going to it's like this. I haven't been married before or anything like that. And my relationship was easy from day one. You know, did it take work? Damn, right, it took work, but it was it? It wasn't complicated. I see these people get into relationships that are so complicated, there's envy, there's jealousy, there's whatever, like, it's not going to get easier.

Kathi Burns 23:30
Right? It's gonna get much more difficult. Yeah, we're gonna hit 30 years next year, being married and 38 together. As you said, it's one of those things where it's just easy from the beginning, no complications, no all this subterfuge, none of that. And I think that's what we're looking for in relationships. And for those of you that are out there that are looking for business partners are looking for assistance or VA's, you want it to be the same thing. You want it to be something that feels organic, that's not complicated. That is just ease and flow. Like I always like to say water over a rock for sure.

Colin Sprake 24:08
I think there are lots of people out there that, one of my favorite ones ago, sort of hand in glove with the statement, or these comments you're not making, always hire people, and partner with people who are more successful in that area than you've ever been. I've got to go hire a digital marketing agency asked them what they spend themselves personally on ads a year, or whatever it is. Oh, we don't spend any money on ads, because we do it for our clients. I'm like, run like crazy. You know, they haven't done it themselves. Don't spend your money with them. It's super interesting for me, Kathi, so many people are not real, what's my word? They don't really do their homework when they hire somebody, or they partner with somebody. It's really important to do your homework, everybody, those listening today, do your homework. If you're hiring somebody to show you how to do search engine optimization, you're telling it to jump on the website and see where you guys rank on Google. If they don't rank anyway, run like crazy. It saddens me that people hire companies that spend a fortune, and they never get to where they want to get to. And that, so everyone is listening. Just be very aware. Hire people who've done it. And that's why I use the word mentorship over coaching. Because mentorship most mentors, who mentor you and certain things have done it. And that's mentorship in any area, spiritual business, finance, anything, fitness health. You know, there are great mentors out there. I mean, you never go to a person that weighs 400 pounds for fitness advice. You know what I mean? And no disrespect to anybody won't be rude there. It just doesn't make sense.

Kathi Burns 25:57
I agree. Make sure that they walk their talk for sure. Make sure that your gut feels good about it because I think that our intuition knows a lot more than we know if we get into our brain, you know, thinking about well, they've invested all this and they can do all this a bit of your gut and saying, Ah, no, I don't even like talking to this person. Just again, run away as you said, Colin, for sure. So I know today you have something to offer the readers or the readers and the listeners and the viewers. What is it Colin that you'd like to offer?

Colin Sprake 26:33
You know what since I've really spoken about The Awaken Your Brilliance, I think it'd be really good for people to rather to take a look at it, I mean, the websites will be live. And it's just awakenyourbrilliance.com. It's this two-part system that honestly will rewire what's happening, rewire your brain to shift your inner vibration so that your outer world results completely change. And it could be in any area of your life. So yeah, Kathi be blessed. We have a lot of trainers speakers coming to us going Colin, will this compliment my program? I'm like a compliment so many programs because it keeps people on track. It's a daily system, as opposed to just three days of intense, and then nothing afterward.

Kathi Burns 27:18
Yeah, daily practices. What's the key to making any type of impactful change, for sure. I love journaling and I love me, you know that, it sounds like you will guide people down the road to kind of awakening who they are and how they feel about their life around them, and how they feel about what they're doing in life.

Colin Sprake 27:39
Yeah, that's beautiful minutes, that come with learning online. Part of it is it comes with little micro videos, like your three to five minutes on explaining each piece of it. Once you really understand those, you don't have to ever go back to the videos, it becomes a completely physical process. That's what I love about it so much. It's really it's shifting people really can't the onboarding, 1000 copies. And our website hasn't even gone live yet. And we've sold over half of them.

Kathi Burns 28:09
Well, I hope by the time this comes out that you're still going to have a few, or at least you'll be on reorders.

Colin Sprake 28:14
No, there's really not 2000 units coming. Our goal this year is to do north of 10,000 units.

Kathi Burns 28:21
Hey, well, I wish you much success and I think you will do that. Through the evolution of your business council, which for those of you who don't know, we're co-members, and I really, really love the EBC and that's how I've met you. And again, I think it's coming back to the like-minded. We're here to support each other. And I'm here to support you with your project. So everybody, go and go to the website, check out awaken your billions.com I'll have the link so you can just click right below the podcast. Check out Colin and his work and what he does. I think you'll be very, very pleased and impressed with yourself for doing it. Now, on the last note, is there anything that I should have asked you or anything that you wanted to talk about that we didn't cover during this short podcast?

Colin Sprake 29:08
Wow, there's so much I could go into Kathi.

Kathi Burns 29:15
We could talk for hours.

Colin Sprake 29:16
No, that's for sure. And I think the key piece for me is really wanting to give value to your listeners, readers, viewers, what have you. Someone asked me this question, maybe five or six years ago, I was on stage in a panel and someone said, Colin, what's the one thing you wish you had learned sooner? And you know what? It was a very interesting journey for me after I made the comment because I really thought about it. I said to them, that it's actually not something is just one word and that one word is trust. Then I went on a very deep journey of realizing that when you maybe don't trust others, it really means you don't trust yourself. And the only way you can really get people to trust you is when you trust you. So those lessons are happening, like, I don't trust my employees, I don't trust my team members or whatever until you learn to trust yourself, you will never be able to trust them. And I've learned that a lot earlier, I would have built some of the companies to a much bigger size. COVID I think it's really forced people to trust in some ways because now a lot of people are working at home, what have you. So you've fought yeah, there's been a big shift in a have to trust. At the same time, there are lots to do like, on Monday, we open up the office or we go back, it was to go back to the office. Kathi, it's by far the best word that I wish I'd learned. I wish I'd known 30 years ago.

Kathi Burns 30:49
I totally am with you on that. And it's so funny when you said trust that that is this mean, trust others or trust yourself? So you segwayed right into that and I totally agree that if you don't trust yourself, you can't trust others. And if you accuse people of something, generally, it's something that you're accusing yourself of. It's the one-finger forward three fingers back idea. Same thing with trust. Learn how to trust yourself and goes back to trusting your gut, because your intuition is going to be your litmus, for whether to move forward or back away slowly or to just ease into things a little bit more clear-minded. Well, thank you so much. This has been a fun talk. I wish you so much success with your lunch. I'm here to help you support your launch. So we're here for you. I just appreciate your time and your energy and coming on the podcast right before you're launching. I'm sure you are simply too busy right now.

Colin Sprake 31:52
All good Kathi, thank you so much. And to all the listener's viewers and readers. Thank you for being with us. I trust you got some great value out of today. I look forward to supporting you in some way or form and really support you helping you get to that next level.

Kathi Burns 32:06
All right. Thank you, Colin, so much. It's been a pleasure.

Colin Sprake 32:10
Thank you so much, Kathi.

Kathi Burns 32:17
Hey, thanks for listening to this podcast. I hope you enjoyed this episode. And if you want to hear more, feel free to subscribe to the platform of your choice. Also, if you feel so inclined, I would truly appreciate a good rating from you, to me have a stellar day.

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