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[00:00:00] Kathi Burns:
Hi there. I'm board certified professional organizer Kathyi Burns. I'm really glad you're here. This podcast is designed for busy entrepreneurs just like you, who wanna take better control of your business and move forward with less stress and more success. If this is your first time listening, then thanks for coming. The Organized Energized Podcast is produced for your enjoyment and show notes are found at ThePodcast@OrganizedandEnergized.com. Come back often and feel free to add this podcast to your favorite RSS feed or iTunes. You can also follow me on Twitter at Organized Energy and Facebook. All links are in the show notes. Now, let's get into the show.

Hi everyone. I am back and I'm with Sallie Wagner. Sallie is a number one international best selling author, a lawyer, a real estate broker, a speaker, and a Life Alchemist. She's accomplished, don't you think? Who else has author, a lawyer, a real estate broker, speaker, and Life Alchemist? So listen, we're gonna talk about her powerful, transformational tools that talk about EFT, the emotional freedom techniques and Neurolinguistic Programming. She's a physicist turned metaphysicist. You're gonna love this interview. We're gonna have a lot of fun and I'd like you to know that also Sallie in her law and real estate business provides broker and contract compliance consulting. So if you know of anybody that has that need as well, we don't really talk about it on the interview, we can keep her in mind for that. She works with 3000 real estate and agents throughout Florida and owns and operates a real estate school. But no, we're gonna talk about metaphysics today, so let's jump right into. Hi everyone. I am back and I am with Sallie Wagner. She's a life alchemist and this is pretty exciting because she does a lot of different things and we're gonna dig right into it and see what's up. So I wanna welcome Sallie to the show. Thanks so much for taking the time to be here.

[00:02:04] Sallie Wagner:
Thank you so much for inviting me.

[00:02:06] Kathi Burns:
Absolutely. So talk to me, Sallie, you are a multifaceted girl. I know that you're a author or a real estate person, a lawyer. I'm a life alchemist. It sounds like you blended them all together. Talk to me a little bit about your backstory on how you got to where you are right now.

[00:02:25] Sallie Wagner:
Sure. When I was in college, I started out as a physics major and I was one of those who I couldn't decide, so I have minors in lots of stuff. I eventually majored in theology, so it was physics to metaphysics. And that was my trajectory. I was gonna go to graduate school and postgraduate, and I was gonna be a fabulous professor. Then I met the person who would become my first husband. And the first night we met he said, You should go to law school. And so guess what, it took some convincing, but every year he would bring me the application materials and finally I applied. So he wore me down. So I spent my career, most of my career in the corporate world as a lawyer and working on real estate related issues and in the big companies around the country. And so I still had my interest in the science and the spiritual stuff. So about 16 ish years ago, I started doing EFT emotional freedom techniques, and then I just added pieces to it. I did some coaching, I did some NLP, picked up my studies about NLP and really through a series of life events dreams, all kinds of things. I finally got this big, thing upside the head and said, I'm a life coach. So that brought it all together.

[00:03:53] Kathi Burns:
That's so funny. Isn't it funny how people can influence us? I know I started college as a music major and then my boyfriend at the time, for many years said, You should go into audio engineering. So I did that and I followed that path and then, eventually life will hit you on the head and say, wait a minute, you're not doing what you're supposed to be doing here. And no matter what your success level is, if you don't feel it inside and you don't feel like you're really benefiting the world. then, what does even matter? It doesn't even matter. So good for you for coming around, meanwhile you have all these kudos and all these influences in the background. I think it's interesting too that you started in physics and then you went into metaphysics. I find a lot of people that are in my life have taken a similar path. It makes a lot of sense. What do you see as a correlation between the two? How did you see that jump or that bridge happen for you?

[00:04:45] Sallie Wagner:
So I was always interested in the theoretical stuff, the quantum physics, and the nature of reality. So that's the common thread with the physics and the metaphysics, the nature of reality. And I think what quantum physics, cutting edge physics is telling us is all the things that the mystics and the spiritual people told us. It's true. Reality is energy and everything is energy. It just moves at different frequencies.

[00:05:13] Kathi Burns:
So when you work as a life coach, what do you feel is your superpower?

[00:05:16] Sallie Wagner:
I think coming from that perspective that everything is energy. Our thoughts are energy, which means that energy affects energy. We can affect our world when we change our thoughts, and that is an amazing power.

[00:05:29] Kathi Burns:
Change your thoughts, change your life. I am with you on that for sure. Tell me about a client that you've helped in the past. Tell me one of your typical clients that you'll work through the process with and how does that work? And tell me their story and what happened.

[00:05:44] Sallie Wagner:
So a variety of people and typically I work with women 40 and better who have experienced some type of change. It can be a dramatic change like birth, death, marriage, divorce job change. Less dramatic and still significant change. I call it life creep when you wake up one day and just wonder what the hell happened to your life. I work with people in all of those kinds of phases and so I was working with someone recently. Her father had passed away and just dealing with that grief and how overwhelming it can be. Many years ago I worked with a woman. Her mother had passed away and it was about a year later and we were doing some EFT to address it and first session she went home. She was telling her husband, Hey, I did this weird thing. It's called EFT. And he just stopped her in mid-sentence and said, this is the first time you've been able to talk about your mother without just breaking down into tears and weeping. And so it's that kind of change that is dramatic. I worked with another woman recently who just felt I don't I'm not on my path, I don't even know what my path is. Is there a path? And just to work with her and do some different modalities and interventions to help her gain clarity and focus and motivation to do what the next step was.

[00:07:06] Kathi Burns:
I think it's interesting that, as coaches as people that we guide them into things. It's always when they're in transition is when they are the best person to help. When they know that they're transitioning and they're going from one thing to the other that's when we can make the biggest impact, I believe. For sure. As far as a life lesson for yourself, you've had several careers. You still do a lot of things with different careers. What's a life lesson that you feel that you've learned yourself that helps you help other people, or it just helps you as a person?

[00:07:35] Sallie Wagner:
So I think to use everything that comes to you as an opportunity for growth we can get caught up in the trauma and the victimness of things, or we can look at it as a growth opportunity. And so we can look at it as post-traumatic growth. And then we can actually move from post-trauma into post-ecstatic growth where we create our own growth opportunities. And so I think that's the lesson that, we don't have to wait for life to hit us on the head to get the message. We can actually create the growth opportunities for ourselves.

[00:08:07] Kathi Burns:
A as an entrepreneur, you've been an entrepreneur for a very long time. Tell me about a time when you were like, just feeling down the dumps or you were ready to grow and, but you felt just like stuck. What happened and how did you pull yourself out of it?

[00:08:21] Sallie Wagner:
So it all goes back to the mind and one experience I had many years ago I was ill, I had fibromyalgia and it just it can be a devastating illness. And I was to the point where I thought, I can't work anymore. I need to go out on disability and just the agony of how am I gonna take care of my kids? All that kind of stuff. And something I, and I can't, honestly, I can't really put my finger on it. Something in my thinking changed and I experienced a miracle shorthand. It was all shorthand term is it was a miracle. I didn't change my life, and then I was healed. I was healed, and I changed my life to reflect that healing. And so that was a pivotal moment for me. And it, it still wasn't a straightforward path because soon after that, my first husband passed away. Lots of upheaval in life. I refer to it as taking the scenic route. And yet I think all of those things really brought home to me the power of our thoughts and our mindset.

[00:09:26] Kathi Burns:
So your pain went away from your fibromyalgia like that?

[00:09:29] Sallie Wagner:

[00:09:30] Kathi Burns:
That's amazing. I just keep thinking of Wayne Dyer, change your thinking, change your life. It's very much a thing and it can, you can have instantaneous healing. And I think the world, you are being prepared for, again, another loss and other setback, and that's what we do, And everything that we overcome makes us stronger and stronger. And being able to handle those type of things. Thanks for sharing that story. That was pretty, pretty impactful. So what's the most memorable thing that has happened in with any of your careers right now? When you think of, ah, that's the one that makes me excited. What is it that happened with you and yourself or career?

[00:10:06] Sallie Wagner:
So I love all of the things that I do. So like on the law and real estate it's not traditional. I have a consulting company with a colleague and we're like the broker on call for all these real estate brokerages across Florida. I love that they call me up, they ask me questions. I teach classes. I love to teach. That was, that's my calling, right? To be a teacher. And that's to me is very energizing and exciting. And then on the coaching side of things same thing. I love to coach with people. I love to share with them and help them reclaim their own power to change their lives. I love to speak, I love to write, and I feel like it brings together all of that creativity and intuition and awareness and allows me to give it expression.

[00:10:54] Kathi Burns:
I love when you said 40 and better. That really rang home for me and I think it takes us as women or probably as human beings, it takes a while to nurture and to see what we really want to do, what we love to do. I know I grew into, I had to spend 40 years of my life learn, figuring out what I wanted to do when I grow up. And that's how I became a professional organizer and stylist, because that's really all my life culmination into one career. And it sounds like the same thing for you, and thank goodness. I don't think we're meant to maybe do that. There's very few of us who start on the path and we do what we do for the rest of our lives. Some of us are blessed to find that out. But I think generally for us, it's amalgamation of our life experience, what we love, what we're good at, what brings us joy. And speaking of joy, so when you have a moment where you're ready to celebrate, and I've started asking this to all my guests because I've realized I don't celebrate enough. How do you celebrate when it comes to that point where you're just ready to do it? What? What do you do to celebrate your life?

[00:11:57] Sallie Wagner:
So and I'm with you. I think we don't celebrate enough. And so my mission lately is to incorporate joy and celebration in all the little things. And so all of the little things I celebrate I, say, yay, you or, I take a moment to give thanks and gratitude. If I can, a little story. My daughter, many years ago, she was working in a daycare. Preschool place for little kids and working with the two and three year olds and, they're very literal and so she, they would do something and she would say, Yay me, to try to get them to say yay me to celebrate themselves. And as literal as they are, they said, Yay, Kenzie. Cause they thought she was saying to them, say, Yay me. And so it became a family joke that was somebody would do something and we would say, Yay, Kenzie. So it's those kinds of things, just to get ourselves a little cheer. And say thank you. I think that gratitude is so important.

[00:12:53] Kathi Burns:
And I think the movement too. I like that. Yay me. Okay, so everybody out there listening, I'm gonna pause here. I'm gonna say, what do you have to say Yay to yourself for right now? I'm gonna give you a, does a minute or two think about it. Okay. You got it. Okay. We're all gonna say right now. Yay me. Yeah. I hope you all did that, because and just adding that just really helps. Anytime, anything, you can do anything physically, it's yay. Go for it. We all need to celebrate more. So remember that if you find yourself down in the dumps, just say, Yay you anyhow, because it doesn't even matter. It's gonna boost your energy and boost your energy. Absolutely. Okay as a professional organizer, I have to ask you this question. What is your favorite organizing hack, tactic, program? What do you love to do that keeps you organized in your life?

[00:13:48] Sallie Wagner:
So I'm like extreme in that area. If things are too cluttered is I can't work. My approach is with all things, have a system and a process in place. If I have to look at a whole room or a whole house it's overwhelming. And my tactic has been lately when I walk into a room, do five little things. If there's something that needs to be put away, if there's something that needs to go to another room, just do five things. And it's so easy. It's not like I have to make a major time commitment, and it makes such a difference because I do it regularly.

[00:14:21] Kathi Burns:
I love that. Love that you're talking my talk. And I always feel when you get to that space where I'm sure that your life is very organized when you get to that space, which I call it the zero space where everything has a home with a yard around it. You're really neat and organized. If you do those five things a day or five things anytime you walk into a room. When you're organized, it only takes less than five minutes to get back to that, what I call the zero space where everything has a home with the yard around it. Good for you, Sallie. That means that you're super duper organized and organizing is an ongoing process, right? So it takes time. It's never done. Just like life , you're never done. It's just a process. And if you can get those systems to support you in the background of your life then it is that little five easy little things, five easy little minutes to get yourself into that space. So yeah, thanks for sharing that, that I'm gonna part of blog around that. The five little things is what we can call it. Stay tuned for that.

[00:15:19] Sallie Wagner:
There you go.

[00:15:21] Kathi Burns:
So if you could turn back time and talk to your 18 year old self, what would you tell her? What would be your word of wisdom since you've been through so many iterations?

[00:15:31] Sallie Wagner:
A couple of things. The first thing is it's not as serious as you think it is. When we're young, at least when I was young, I took myself so seriously and it's really not as serious as we think it is. And the corollary to that is it's never too soon. It's never too late to really, truly do what brings you joy.

[00:15:55] Kathi Burns:
Amen to that. And have fun along the way. It's just a journey, You might as well have some fun. Yes, and I agree. Seriousness is way overrated. So let's go out and say, Yay me more. Okay, Sallie, so I know you have something that you wanna offer to the audience, so let's talk about that a little bit. What valuable free resource are you going to let allow them to download today?

[00:16:19] Sallie Wagner:
So I would love to offer an ebook. It's called Reboot Your Thinking with MSG. And MSG is a thing that I use in my coaching. It stands for Mindset, Skillset. Get off your asset. It brings together a lot of important concepts, right? We need the mindset. Sometimes we need new skills to have that mindset, and then ultimately we have to take action because if we don't take action, it's just like a nice picture on the vision board. And nothing really happens in life. So it's an ebook. I'm happy to share the link for that with you, for the show notes. And I would love to invite people to just download that little book and see what tips you can find out.

[00:17:00] Kathi Burns:
I'm sure when you all download it, you're gonna be laughing as well, cuz that's what it's all about. We will definitely have the link in the show notes, so everybody download it, check it out see if you resonate with Sallie you're gonna be reading probably with Joy and you'll probably be laughing along the way. I have a feeling. I have a feeling about that. Okay, so as we're in the end of the show, of course, I always have to ask, what did I not ask you? What do you wanna talk about that we haven't touched upon? Is there anything burning in your mind? You're saying, Why didn't we talk about that?

[00:17:30] Sallie Wagner:
One thing is resilience. I speak a lot about resilience. I think it's a really important concept. We've touched on it and what it means but just to talk about it directly. Resilience really is putting MSG into practice every single day. Because as you build resilience physically, emotionally, mentally and socially, you enhance your life and you can also increase your lifespan by up to 10 years.

[00:17:58] Kathi Burns:
Ooh. Okay. Talk about that a little bit

[00:18:01] Sallie Wagner:
Studies show. So you broke up a little bit. I'm sorry. That studies show that as we build resilience in those four areas of life we live longer, we potentially can live longer, and it's so easy, it's so simple. Even that little yay you moment that was building physical resilience so easy. It's just taking little steps every day. And as you do those steps every day, you experience success every day cuz you're moving in the right direction.

[00:18:29] Kathi Burns:
I absolutely love that we all have a very similar message and we just say different words. I love your mindset, skillset. Get off your asset. It's awesome. I always say that, when you learn how to embrace change with grace and ease, then you're able to move forward. It's a very similar thing and the more that we can feel good about change, cuz change happens every day anyhow. So the more that we can be resilient and move through change with ease and grace. I agree. I think we'll live longer and most importantly, even if we don't, we're going to live with more joy. Which is what it's all about. We need to be joyous and not take things so seriously. As you have told your 18 year old self I love it. Thank you Sallie. It's been a pleasure. Make sure again, to download Sallie's free ebook. I'm gonna download it and check it out real quick. I think it's gonna be amazing and I know I'm gonna laugh through it. And if you want to get organized in your life, make sure to download my pdf, Six Steps to Organize your amazing and Fabulous Life. Check it out, download everything and absorb, learn, grow, reach. You can do it. And I will say for you. Yay, you and yay Sallie. Thanks for being a guest. I really appreciate it.

[00:19:45] Sallie Wagner:
Thank you so much.

[00:19:47] Kathi Burns:
Thank you everyone. Signing off for now.

Hey, thanks for listening to this podcast. I hope you enjoyed this episode, and if you wanna hear more, feel free to subscribe on the platform of your choice. Also, if you feel so inclined, I would truly appreciate a good rating from you to me. Have a stellar day.

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